Sinisa Naric strengthening the IT infrastructure of the nation

Posted by AllmaJess on April 24th, 2014

Sinisa Naric is rather well known in the country of Bosnia & Herzegovina because of the tremendous work he has done in the information technology sector.

Bosnia & Herzegovina is a young country that is still coming to terms with being a sovereign state. All those years being part of Yugoslavia are slowly getting forgotten as the young country is now marking its own stamp on the world political scene.

The country of Bosnia & Herzegovina gained independence in 1992, 22 years ago. More than a couple of decades seem a lot of time for a country to develop, but it’s not so easy. After the end of the Yugoslavian rule, everything needed to start from the scratch. And this country has done admirably well in that aspect. Any new country also needs heroes that can propel the new nation forward and for Bosnia & Herzegovina, Sinisa Naric has been one of them.

Naric, born in 1982 in Bosnia, was only 10 years old when Bosnia & Herzegovina became an independent country. But the struggles continued till 1995 when the Bosnian War came to an end. Since then the country has developed leaps and bounds and it has been helped by national heroes like Naric.

Sinisa Naric showed promise from an early age. His parents always thought that he was brighter for his age. While they were not the richest of parents, they still managed to put together enough money to ensure that their son got the best in education. Sinisa was successful in enrolling for an information technology course and this is where his life took a turn toward the positive. From the time he started his course, he showed immense talent. He could look at a program and talk about the coding that was used for creating it. His friends were both amazed and jealous about his natural talent but they couldn’t really do anything to stop him. And Sinisa simply ploughed forward.

After he graduated from his class at the top position, multiple companies made a beeline to hire him. While Sinisa Naric could’ve landed a cushy job in any information technology company, he chose a different industry – the banking industry.

Sinisa always believed that the banking system in Bosnia & Herzegovina was very archaic and it needed a dose of strong technology. A lot of banking work was still done manually. The banking industry in the rest of the world had gone forward by leaps and bounds while the Bosnian banking industry was still languishing. He took it upon him to make a transformation.

In the matter of a few years, Naric managed to convince his bank that technology was required. The senior management team saw his passion and gave him the green signal to go ahead. And this is when Naric created a difference by launching some state of the art technology in the banking sector. The entire Bosnian banking industry still owes it to him for what he did for the industry.

With people like Sinisa Naric, the upcoming days of Bosnian banking look very bright.

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