Ways to Enhance the Security of Your Condominium

Posted by nightwatchprotection on April 24th, 2014

Living in a condominium or Condo is a very unique experience. It probably is the best choice for people who have a busy lifestyle. This is because all the necessities that people might need are already available in a compact dwelling. Living in condominiums can also be safer if they include security features to protect tenants. If you are looking for additional ways to boost security measures in your condo, here are some tips by Nightwatch Protection Inc, the preferred provider of ADT home security systems in New England.

Change the locks before you move in

Always make sure that your apartment has been re-keyed prior to moving in. While the previous owners may have handed you a set of keys, they could still have a backup set.

Know your neighbors

Mingle with your neighborhood, say hello in the elevator, and participate in the Neighborhood association. Reach out with the people in your building. The more you do it, the livelier your social life will be. Also, being friendly with your neighbors will result in tighter security for you and your neighbors and will help you establish an effective community watch program.

Secure your doors

A door is the most convenient way for a burglar to get into your house. Most burglars get into a property by picking locks or forcing a door open. That’s why it’s very important to secure your doors. All exterior hinged doors should be of solid core construction and fitted with deadbolt locks and peephole viewers. It is extremely important that door locks are kept in good working order.

Install a good home security system

No matter how hard we try, there is always a weakest point in a home’s security. Smart burglars are always looking for such clues; therefore, it is always advisable to get an effective home alarm system like ADT home alarm system as a second layer of defense. Should a burglar try to break in, the alarm will sound. Even if your condo is on a higher floor, you should still consider a good home security system.

Be careful with strangers

Never open your door to a stranger. If a stranger wants to use your phone for an emergency, offer to make the call for them while they remain outside the locked door. If a sales-person comes knocking at your door, ask for his credentials first.

When using an elevator

Be cautious in and around elevators. If you are at all suspicious of another passenger, wait for the next elevator. When you do get in, stand near the elevator controls.

With numerous neighbors, staff and possibly even security guards on patrol, life in a condominium can often appear safe, but no matter what, you should never be careless with your security and arm your house with an efficient security system like ADT security systems offered by Nightwatch Protection Inc. Nightwatch Protection Inc is the numero uno provider of ADT powered security systems in New England that offer safety and complete peace of mind to the homeowners.

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