Religious Retreats are Ideal for Setting One?s Mind at Ease

Posted by webteam on April 25th, 2014

A religious retreat is a time to take a break from your busy schedule for prayer, study of religious books and meditation. The ways in which spiritual retreats are conducted vary from one religious community to another. It is either a time for solitude or community. The idea is actually spending time away from one's normal life in an attempt to reconnect with a supreme being. Whenever I attend a retreat, I come out more rejuvenated than I have ever felt. As a matter of fact, the time flies without me noticing because of the wonderful moments spent and I'm left yearning for more. In fact, I try to make time in my busy schedule so that I could go on a retreat. Attending retreats has proven to be beneficial in a number of ways. In this article I’ll try to explain what you can expect from California retreats. Let’s begin.

1. Drawing close to God - Some of us have very busy schedules which don’t allow us to make time for reading religious books. Prayers are said in haste since we are constantly occupied, not because we don't want to reconnect with God but because we are busy and circumstances are beyond our control. During a retreat we take a break from the mundane life and draw closer to God. This gives us plenty of time to make our requests known to Him.

2. Rest and rejuvenation - Attending a religious retreat is more of a gift to ourselves than a duty. We get time to relax ourselves from daily stress. By the time we resume our normal routine, we feel less depressed and our faces are glowing.

3. Learning from God's word - We get to recharge our spiritual batteries because this is the time we get to study the word of God. Not only does the minister share the word, but also the fellow believers.

4. Meeting new people - You get a unique opportunity to make new friends in a religious retreat. Keep in mind that there’s plenty of time and the people you haven’t had the time to talk to, are able to converse with you one on one.

5. Fellowship with other believers - This is the best time to connect with other believers and inspire one another. It is also an opportunity to see God through the eyes of others. We are God's images and we are able to see His work in other people, which enables us to appreciate God even more.

6. Reflection - When in a retreat, we get time to reflect on our actions. Due to our busy schedules, we are likely to engage in activities which are meaningless. A retreat helps us to focus on what is of importance to us.

7. Connect with your family - Our lives have been so hectic that we don't even have time for our very own family. We leave the house very early in the morning and come back very late at night. During a religious retreat, one can bring their own family along and spend some quality time. This gives us an opportunity to break the bad habits of not being around the family owing to our busy schedules.

8. Fun - Apart from praying, meditating and reading religious books, believers can engage in fun activities which help relieve their minds.

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