9 SEO Tips that you should be doing

Posted by Susan California on December 6th, 2020


If you crave for visitors to discover your website, you need to implement SEO techniques to appear at the top of Google rankings. Dozens or hundreds of people are trying to find your business on search engines. If you want to know how to perform SEO effectively, then the following tips will help you to excel.

Research target your market: This is the very first thing you have to focus on. To understand what is going in your target market, you have to research the trends in your niche. After proper research bring something which others are not offering to get better results.

Practice Keywords Research: This is one of the most important and lengthy parts of an effective SEO campaign. Searching effective keywords and phrases with high search volume can help you to attract more people on your website in an effective way. Plenty of free and premium tools are available for this task to be done correctly.

Content optimisation: Placing high-volume keywords in your articles, blog posts, headings, titles, meta tags, and descriptions, etc. will help you to get well-optimised content on your website. Content optimisation is key to success, because, proper placement of effective keywords will help you to get high ranks and generate more traffic effectively.

Build effective links: Link building is a valuable service if you want to attract more traffic on your website. A link from the high-authority webpage will help you to get noticed by search engines.

Optimised meta-description: Meta descriptions are necessary for every web page. A meta description should be well-descriptive and well optimised. Keep it less than 160 characters and don't forget to add the main keywords or phrase in it.

Keep your URL short: A good SEO tip is to keep your URLs as short as possible. A friendly and short URL will help you to rank high as well as improve readability.

Optimise images: If you are adding a picture in your content, it is essential to add an image alt tag, since it will help you to make the content more relevant. Adding an image alt tag with open source content management system is highly important.

Clean duplicate content: Although this is not a conventional SEO practice, cleaning duplicate content is vital to keep your site safe from search engine's penalties. Use an appropriate tool to search for duplicated content, and use canonical tags to give a hint to Google of how you are treating these duplications.

Fast Page load speed: Bounce rate and loading time go hand on hand. If your site loads up slowly, visitors will leave, and they may be lost forever. Check your site's speed to ensure fast loading and hire a web design company that can help you to cache your contents through a CDN (Cloud Delivery Network) or by using other techniques.

SEO is a very important part of to-do lists if you want to grow your website and make it successful in the best possible way. Hire a professional SEO company in Dubai, UK or Australia to get your website ranked higher on Google and other search engines for an affordable monthly subscription fee.

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