What Your Team Wants in Their Company Apparel

Posted by Real Thread on December 7th, 2020

Company apparel such as t shirts, hoodies, and more are staples in corporate culture. Even if you’re a startup with a team of 25 people, these custom t shirts provide a way for your team to show support for the company and for you to give thanks for all their hard work. If you’re planning to revamp your team’s apparel in the new year, go above and beyond the bare minimum and give every member of your team a custom t shirt they’ll feel proud to wear. Here are four things that your team wants in their company apparel.

A Design They Would Be Proud to Wear

The first area of focus should be on the design of your shirts. After all, your design is what will set your team’s shirts apart from anything else in their closet. Even if you’re just planning on putting your company’s logo on the front, take the time to get the colors right, optimize the image, and work with a t shirt printing company known for their print quality. If they use the right ink and processes, the design will hold up, and your employees will be proud to wear it.

A Message They Can Get Behind

Along with a crisp design, your team members want to wear something that promotes a message they can all get behind. Every company is different, and your culture is unique and worth celebrating. If you have a catchphrase or a motto that the team rallies around at work, consider printing it on the t shirts. Each customizable tshirt that you give to your team will serve as an extension of that culture.

Shirts That Fit and Feel Like a Million Bucks

Besides how your company’s branded t shirts will look, your team wants them to fit and feel like shirts they’d pay a premium for at the store. For far too long, company-branded t shirts have gotten a bad reputation as being boxy, rough, and just flat-out uncomfortable. Your employees deserve better. Plus, when your company’s shirts actually fit and feel well, your team will look for any excuse to wear it.

Premium Touches That Show Commitment

Employees want to feel like their company is invested in them and sees them as valuable team members. Going above and beyond for your team can be shown in a variety of ways, including the company branded apparel. By taking the extra step to have custom hem tags printed on each shirt or using metallic ink, you can elevate the look and feel of your company’s shirts and show your team that there isn’t a price tag on their apparel or your commitment. The best companies that print t shirts should be able to make this possible.

About Real Thread

Whether you’re celebrating a team achievement, promoting your business, or trying to build camaraderie through apparel, Real Thread is here for you. This t shirt printing company will change how your team feels about custom branded apparel because Real Thread uses quality materials in addition to a distinct printing process to make your designs look and feel their best. You won’t find boxy, rough-feeling t shirts from Real Thread, as they create apparel your team actually wants to wear. Real Thread also offers a variety of add-ons to bring your designs to life. In addition to custom t shirts, hoodies, and other apparel items, Real Thread recently launched their custom face mask selection. If you’re purchasing custom t shirts or face masks for your company, nonprofit, sports team, or apparel brand, Real Thread is the clear choice.

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