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The XYO Geomining Kit was sold to customers who got involved in the early stages of XYO and is no longer available packaged the way it was, however the pieces included in the Geomining Kit can be purchased individually.

So let’s get down to the brass-tax of what the Geomining Kit was.

In the early stages of XY, Scott Scheper was the brains behind the XY marketing strategy and though, these efforts were incredibly effective at adding new members to the community, he largely used a sales pitch that did not deliver. Part of this sales pitch was to invest in a Geomining Kit that you would receive after 3 months of being involved in the XY community and each payment was $83.33 per month.

It sounded great and a lot of people invested in the technology because largely, it was sold as a form of tracking that would replace things like Satellites and modern day tracking numbers which really don’t show you exactly where a package is. The idea was to provide real-time data that would show you in close approximation if a package was down the road from you in a delivery truck or on the other side of town. This is simply, not information you get with current technology.

That, was just one use case for using the Sentinels and Bridge that were included in the Geomining Kit but they sky was truly the limit for the kit.

What was all included in the kit was one XYO Bridge, eight XYO Sentinels and you would receive a number of other things like an XYO hat, collectors coin, a T-Shirt and stickers to show that you are a true fan of XYO ... all packaged in a fancy black box (which I still own to this day).

XYO Geomining Kit

While, the technology still hasn’t been completed, it left many of their original investors feeling burned as there was a huge demand to get their hands on Sentinels and provide as much data as possible to the network for rewards. Unfortunately, we still haven’t seen lift-off but the offer as it stood when customers made their purchase, never advertised that the technology was incomplete. This is probably like the black-eye in this companies past, however they went to great lengths to make up for the short-comings which includes providing customers with a Master mining plan (not available to all users) and the ability to share Sentinels for rewards with the Bridge.

Sometimes a business may experience growing pains, publicly this was one of them. Though the Geohacker mining kit came up short in regards to delivering on promising through a hyped up sales pitch, XY went out of their way to make up for short-comings and those who have been with the company for the long haul and being rewarded.

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