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The XYO stock is a Reg A+ share which is not publicly traded on exchanges. The shares became available during the XY IPO and can currently only be purchased directly from other shareholders. Many members and investors in the XY community are stock shareholders, meaning, they purchased equity in the company and the stock is resell-able at a rate agreed upon between the buyer and seller of the stock.

Many shareholders wonder what the value of their stock is, while it was originally valued at $1.00 per share by XY, that value has been raised to $8.00 per share (a process which requires SEC approval). The increase in share price could be a sign of the company being more established and having more value than when it was first established however this value is only applicable if both a buyer and seller agree on said price. With that in mind, the true value of an XY Reg A+ share is only as high as a buyer is willing to pay and without public trading on exchanges or in a marketplace, there is no said marketplace value of an individual share.

The XY Company offers a number of shareholder resources which includes assistance of the transfer of shares through Broadbridge, a help center which answers questions shareholders might have about XY as well as SEC filings which detail the financials of XY. Visit to access this information.


What is the XYO network stock ticker?

The XYO stock is not publicly traded so there is no stock ticker. The XYO coin listed on exchanges is listed under the ticker XYO.

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