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Published 13 Years Ago
Check Your Eating Habits
If you only eat when you are hungry, there are chances you will have less trouble reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. Most people are not in touch with the hunger signals but only eat in response to stress and emotional triggers.   To

Published 13 Years Ago
Major Signs And Symptoms Of Iodine Deficiency
The number one major sign of iodine deficiency is the presence of an enlarged thyroid gland in the neck. This is called goiter. The sizes of enlargement vary vastly from small, hardly noticeable, to a really gigantic one which causes obstruction in

Published 13 Years Ago
The Truth about Common Salt and Iodine
Salt is an essential part of our daily diet. Often times we take it for granted because it is always there. There are things you may know about salt which are essential. For example, do you know that salt contains iodine which is essential for proper body

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