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What?s so exciting about virtual reality storytelling?
Experts unanimously agree on the role and scope of virtual reality. It is changing viewing experience in a big way. It’s both exciting and overwhelming, and is definitely redefining storytelling and filmmaking by creating a high degree of immersion. The experience is cool, to say the least. So if you’re still wondering what’s so exciting ab...
virtual reality, reality storytelling, same things, reality helps, experience, reality, virtual - Posted by Johnyah - Posted 2 Years Ago

Why virtual reality production companies are in Trend?
Virtual Reality is very adaptable and this is one of the primary reasons why significant brands like Samsung, Google and HTC are executing this innovation in their items. From production of virtual models in the field of engineering and creating virtual models of new vehicles in the car business to creating computer games and use in military preparing projec...
virtual reality, turned out, virtual visit, virtual models, virtual, reality, organizations - Posted by Johnyah - Posted 2 Years Ago

Understanding the World of Immersive Journalism
The journalism that we know consists of videos and texts. Through Internet, television, and newspapers, we get to know about events happening across the world. But this is not how it is going to be forever. The journalism of tomorrow will adopt virtual reality or VR to take storytelling to a whole new level. As viewers, we are able to relate with people an...
virtual reality, know consists, immersive journalism, happening across, journalism, virtual, reality - Posted by Johnyah - Posted 2 Years Ago

Must watch films that use VR storytelling feature
The power of VR storytelling knows no bounds. The feature has grown into something incredible and worth exploring. With many news channels and filmmaking brands around the world using VR to create powerful content, a plethora of content is now available online that shows how far this technology has come.When it comes to a nice use of virtual reality applic...
vr storytelling, vr spacewalk, easter rising, worth exploring, vr, storytelling, incredible - Posted by Johnyah - Posted 1 Year Ago

3 groundbreaking innovations coming from VR production companies
Virtual reality has opened doors to create innovative content breaking the barriers of reality and physics. The mediums like internet and television used to cause a certain barrier in making the content far from becoming a realistic experience.Realistic experience is a need that many content creators have realized in the recent times. Their work around vir...
virtual reality, vr production, production companies, roller coaster, vr, virtual, reality - Posted by Johnyah - Posted 1 Year Ago

Understanding the Basics of Augmented Reality Journalism
Augmented reality and virtual reality have transformed the media and journalism space to a great extent. AR is basically a live direct or indirect view of the real world, physical environment. In this environment, the elements are augmented or supplemented by different computer-generated sensory inputs such as GPS, graphics, sound or video.With the help of...
augmented reality, virtual reality, reality journalism, vr storytelling, reality, journalism, augmented - Posted by Johnyah - Posted 2 Years Ago

Choosing the Best Virtual Reality Companies for Your Business
Every company out there is struggling to find its niche. The key is to look for ideas that can change the game and shift the tide in your favor. The best companies are supposedly the ‘best’ for a reason. They have cracked the success code and know how to engage their customers effectively to keep them interested all the time. You can do this to...
virtual reality, reality companies, best companies, target audience, virtual, reality, companies - Posted by Johnyah - Posted 2 Years Ago

Using 360 degree videos to raise awareness on social causes
Without a proper storytelling and letting the audience feel its impact, it is almost impossible to ensure that your cause will be a success. The modern movement of raising awareness against world hunger, poverty and protection of dying heritage need the same impact.Organizations around the world are struggling with the commencement of their operations beca...
virtual reality, raise awareness, degree videos, 360 degree, virtual, awareness, audience - Posted by Johnyah - Posted 2 Years Ago

How VR journalism gives media houses are chance to reinvent themselves
Modern news reporting and content marketing has seen a disinterest from its users and audience. Most of the feedbacks suggest to the point that a user wants to have a better and more immersive experience to understand and get the depth of the news. This has led to the evolution of journalism and more companies have started to experiment with their content sh...
virtual reality, news reporting, vr journalism, news channels, news, vr, virtual - Posted by Johnyah - Posted 2 Years Ago

Lets understand the basics involved in virtual reality storytelling
The world has moved beyond the conventional means of virtual reality storytelling. With many brands and companies moving into the realm of virtual reality, we have seen many talents come across to develop clever ways to use virtual reality tools, platforms, and content. The modern brands are now busy trying to figure out the best ways to win and stand out fr...
virtual reality, reality storytelling, reality experience, moved beyond, virtual, reality, experience - Posted by Johnyah - Posted 2 Years Ago

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