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All you need to know about home loans.
A home loan is one of the best ways to finance your dream of owning a home. You can take one at a relatively young age and have your own home twenty years down the line. In comparison to paying rent for 20 years, a home loan is a much better option. But before you apply for one, you need to think about a lot of other things. You have to think about whether...
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Lowering house loan interest increases the loan eligibility
The high interest rates in the past made the potential homebuyers to keep their home purchase plan on hold. But with lowest house loan interest in the home loan history, people are daring to come forward, pick a property of their choice and finance their purchase with a home loan at low interest rates that ranges from 8.4-9% per annum on the home loan amount...
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5 tips to enjoy a hassle-free home loan application.
Buying a home with the support of a home loan is a great idea. The EMIs you pay are as good as an investment, because after the loan tenure is done, chances are the value of your property would have appreciated significantly. But before you enjoy the benefits of your own home, there is the application process, which some find quite tedious. Documentation, ap...
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Here are 5 things to remember with a loan against property.
A LAP is a great way to meet any immediate financial needs you might have. With aLAP you can arrange finances without selling any of your assets or breaking any savings instrument such a fixed deposit or mutual fund. To avail a LAP you need to put some property on mortgage, this could be a residential property that’s self-occupied or rented; it could a...
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Conundrum of the borrowers to choose between fixed or floating
Still stuck in the dilemma of fixed and floating HDFC Home Loans Interest Rates? Let’s help you to break the ice and reach the conclusion of getting an ideal home loan that is pocket friendly. Credit score updated, margin money saved, property and loan amount decided, the only confusing thing is the interest rate; right? Okay let’s understand fir...
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Nine factors can affect your home loan interest rates
When you take a home loan for purchasing your house, you repay the loan amount along with the interest cost on the loan amount. Though the interest rates are the lowest in the home loan history, but it varies from one financer to another. On many occasions this percentage becomes the deciding factor for the borrowers in choosing their home loan and the lendi...
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Online budget management tool for your EMIs
EMI is the equated monthly installments that you pay the financers for repaying your home loan amount along with the interest amount. It comprises of the balance loan amount, interest rate and the number of installments. The EMIs of a home loan is generally 30-40% of your monthly expenditure, so you need to plan it accordingly so that you don’t have to...
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Work abroad but settle in India post retirement.
No matter how simple or lavish your home is, a bed to lie down after long day’s work under you own roof can give unparallel sense of contentment and peace of mind. Just imagine if that corner is in your motherland, from whom you are away for more than decades and would have to spend a score more years before your retire. The NRI home loans are now help...
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All you need to know about an EMI Calculator.
Thinking about taking a home loan? Then the term EMI will soon become an unavoidable part of your life. EMI or Equated Monthly Installment is the amount you pay the lender every month on account of the home loan you’ve taken. The EMI is deducted from the loan amount until the amount is completely paid off. Your EMI is made up of two components. The fi...
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A basic overview of housing loan for NRI.
If you’re an NRI looking to invest in property back home, it’s a good decision. Real estate prices are always risings and property can prove to be a good investment opportunity. If the country you reside in presently has a better currency value than the INR, then the decision becomes all the more lucrative. However, property in India is anything ...
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