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The Indian Government Constituted Inter-Ministerial Group ? Which will Bring New
Recently the government of India is facing new challenges to bring FDI to India economy. Considering this fact government has constituted inter-ministerial group to make the process ease. The Prime focus is U.S investors and big companies. The constitution of I-M Group compelled the property pundits to predict the future scenario of this region. They are of ...
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Major Residential Projects of Delhi-NCR are coming up with new Investment Plans
The new and dynamic government of India trying to woo the foreign investors in India. Considering this fact  many developers are now going to launch manly new residential and commercial projects in Delhi-NCR to accommodate the foreign investors. These new launches are coming up with new concept of investments , in which most of the Indian investors who ...
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The International Organization reports Noida and Greater Noida have Healthy Cons
The present time many national and international  authority and organization are more concerned to healthy environment and healthy livings of the human begins. Considering this aspect many of the Indian fastest growing cities are monitored by these authorities and organizations with the most modern measures and scientific techniques Recently one interna...
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Residential Projects of Noida and Greater Noda offer the opportunities of safe i
Most of the economic blocks of India are of the view that the real estate sector of Delhi-NCR are one of the fastest growing sector in India. The real estate sector of this region are getting huge investment. In this fastest growing sector , the region of Greater Noida is offering  great opportunity of investment for low budget people. Considering ...
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Increasing Demands of Villas in Delhi-NCR Brings New concept of villas and Mansi
Population is not increasing in India, the appropriate term is population is exploding in India and due to high industrial and commercial growth , the demands of home, apartments , villas , mansions etc. are increasing day by day exponentially. The land area is limited and became costlier than diamond due to high demands considering the above facts , technol...
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Latest Technology based Interior Decorations beings used in Luxury Residential P
There was a time when luxury means furnitures and home appliances but now the meaning of luxury completely change in the residential projects of Delhi-NCR. After the great success of business new inventions changed the definition of luxury in global scale. The new concept of luxury is related to comforts and ambience of residential apartments. The new idea f...
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Alarming Need of High-Rise residential towers in Delhi-NCR.
If we talk about the region of Noida, Noida Expressway and Noida Extension then there is huge scarcity of land for further development of residential projects of Noida. So, it can be said that it is and alarming need to have high rise luxurious residential towers in Noida. The high rise tower are symbol of technological knowhow to advance level. Recently som...
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Greenery Keeps First Position in Selecting Real Estate Projects of Delhi-NCR.
It is proposed that any region should keep at least 33% of the total land, forested area. But due to high pressure of population this ratio has been failed quite earlier and in Urban region of India this percentage reach to below 5% in most of the places. This kinds of facts are causing many natural calamities which we see in our life in different parts of t...
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Golf Course based Residential Projects of Noida are on high demand.
The residential colonies of are based on Gardens and Baags. There are many “Gardens” in Delhi- Rajauri Garden, Raja Garden, Salimar Garden, Vishnu Gardens etc and the Baags are Karol Baag, Moti Baag, Meera Baag, Salimar Baag, Gulabi Baag etc. These all colonies of Delhi are based on green themes. So, that these colonies were given the name or Baa...
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How to Buy Home in Residential Projects of Delhi-NCR.
In this modern age it became very easy to buy the dream home if we know the right way of choosing, buying & others aspects of apartments. In the following lines we are going to discuss extensively how to buy the dream home with the help of technology and positive awareness. The measures which are being discussed in the following lines are associated with...
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