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Know About Property Law in Singapore
Property law falls into the basic law legitimate framework and concerns all parts of responsibility for the property. Property law can be divided into two parts: real property which is any significance in real estate, land, increasing plants and personal property which includes movable property.This can be further categorized in different parts like common...
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Supportive Family Law of Singapore
Family law deals with family-related issues such as  adoption, child abuse, and child abduction, prenuptial agreements, spousal abuse, separation, legal separation, annulment, alimony, division of the property accumulated during the marriage, domestic violence, surrogacy, adjudication, child custody and support, kidnapping, emancipation, parental rights...
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Civil Dispute Law in Singapore
Litigation is basically a procedure of taking legitimate move. It remains rather than arbitration, impartial assessment, and allegation, which are regularly less expensive, elective systems for dispute resolution.Litigation can be divided into civil and criminal classifications. In a criminal case, the State, as the Public Prosecutor, prosecutes a criminal...
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Family law of Singapore
Family law is an area of law which manages family related issues. In Singapore, Family matters can be classified into following categories:1) Marriage Dispute or Divorce2) Ancillary matters( Child Custody, Matrimonial asset division)3) Personal protection and domestic exclusion4) Adoption of Children Act5) Guardianship of Infant's Act6) Maintenan...
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FAQ of Singapore Employment law
The Employment Act is Singapore's principle work law. It accommodates the essential terms and working conditions for a wide range of representatives, with a few special cases. The Singapore Employment Act is the set of rights and status of employment for all employees. Here are a few frequently asked questions about Singapore employment law:Q: When an empl...
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Property Act in Singapore
In 1973, the Government has forced certain limitations to remote people obtaining private property in Singapore. The legitimate system directing the buyer of private property in Singapore is the Residential Property Act. This enactment was attracted up request to urge Singapore residents to buy land property at a sensible cost, additionally to empower remote...
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The concept of Ancillary Matters
The segregation done when the divorce is in the process of being completed:The ancillary matters would relate to the aspect of the acquisition or taking the custody of the children or the assets after the divorce is claimed and in the process of getting the result of the same. The assets would include those that are raised and developed while in marriage a...
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Maintenance law entrusted by the court
The alimony decided by the court of law in Singapore:The Singapore law states that the maintenance should be paid by the husband to his wife after divorce and there is no claim that the husband can make towards the same. This is very stringently followed as per the law of Singapore. The points that the court considers would be as mentioned below:The hu...
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Business law Firms in Singapore
In Singapore, business firms are principally governed by the Singapore companies Act. Therefore, setting up a new business in Singapore and its development becomes a challenge for companies. During the establishment of a business problem arises when dealing with legal matters. Business law firm provides a complete, cost-effective alternative for businesses a...
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Singapore Law Firms Ranking
Local Singapore law firms have once again showed its dominance on the countries Business Review of second year ranking among 25 biggest law firms in the city entirely based on the total number of professionals working with them. Just eight firms from outside the country made it to the ranking list along with Baker & Mckenzie. Wong & Leow were leading...
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