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All you need to know about GST Delivery Challan
What is delivery challan under GST?Under GST Act, the documentary evidence which is needed for the transportation of goods from one place to another is called Delivery Challan (when such supply doesn't result in an immediate sale under GST or payment of such supply is not to be received.) This article lets you know everything about delivery challan under G...
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Chapter IX(Sec 37-48) of the Central Goods and Services Tax Act 2017, governs the various provisions related to Returns under Goods and Services Act 2017.Section 37Furnishing details of Outward SuppliesSection 38Furnishing details of Inward SuppliesSection 39Furnishing of ReturnsSection 40First ...
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TDS on purchase of property- What you must Know
The rule of 1% TDS on property purchase was introduced in Budget 2013-14 for putting a check on the deceitful property deals. For checking the extensive use of black money in the immovable properties, the Indian government introduced a law, wherein, a buyer of a property needs to deduct TDS (tax at source) while paying the sale consideration to the seller fo...
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Things to know about Capital Gain Tax
Any gain or profit which arises in the course of the sale of a ‘capital asset’ is termed as a capital gain, this can be short term or long term capital gain depending on certain conditions. Except for few instances, generally, this gain is charged to tax in the particular previous year in which the capital asset is transferred. Capital assets inc...
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This post will be all about how GST will be benefitting to common people? What are the pros & cons of GST? What impact it’s going to create once it will be implemented?GST or goods & services tax term is being selling like hotcakes since past few months. So we need to see whether we are well aware of the concept of GST or not. GST is already ...
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Disadvantage of GST or Goods and Services Tax
People seem to get confused about GST. There are so many information’s that are available and are very puzzling. According to an assessment it is found that all of the information‘s are not right. There are little bit of percent that is right and rest other are not true in actual way. Goods and Service Tax India is now being resemble a book, and ...
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