What to Think about When Buying a Wheelchair Van

Posted by webteam on May 16th, 2014

Acquiring a wheelchair van is not something any person is willing to go through. Nevertheless, if you or a person close to you happens to be confined to a wheelchair, you will be forced to cope with matters you couldn’t have imagined yourself dealing with. Mobility is of outmost importance, whether you are heading out for doctor’s appointment or shopping for groceries. Considering how many people wind up purchasing a wheelchair accessible vehicle, you need to take into account numerous issues before reaching a decision.

In case you are asking yourself whether a pre-owned van or a new one fits your requirements best, what you have to take into consideration is cost. Apart from that, however, one ought to give some thought to lift demands. The majority of reputable car dealers who specialize in mobility offer vehicles which already have lifts installed. Assuming you are in need of a lift, what you should consider are the measurements of the wheelchair you plan on carrying. Certain wheelchairs, particularly those designed for persons with severe muscular issues, might be broader or higher than the regular ones are, which is why a clearance width needs to be taken into account so as to prevent traumas. Provided a wheelchair has average dimensions, either lift will do, whereas if you own a tailored wheelchair, it is necessary to determine its exact dimensions.

When it comes to lift control, you might want to be aware of the manner in which the disabled person will be managing the lifting. If the wheelchair user is the one in control of lifting, the controls have to be within reach. Car dealerships offer full-sized vans together with wheelchair minivans since both aim at fulfilling different requirements. For the purposes of daily commuting, a minivan seems to be a somewhat less costly. However, assuming you plan on travelling with your entire family, you may need to contemplate purchasing a full-sized van.

More often than not it is possible to accommodate a wheelchair easily simply by disposing of the second row of seats, for instance, allowing the rest of the passengers to be seated in the back row. On the other hand, it is probable that the lift will need to be installed in the rear if your wheelchair van is small in size. As previously stated, various vans will require the lifts to be installed in different parts of the vehicle. Certain parking spaces are broader so as to allow the side lift to be lowered. For this reason you should take into account the sites you’ll be mostly visiting in terms of parking spaces and see the number of passengers you will be driving in order to decide if a full-sized wheelchair or a minivan fits your needs. By having considered the convenience, clearance width, and whether lift is accessible or not, you will have established your needs according to which you can decide which wheelchair van is the most suitable to buy.

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