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Posted by LauraDerb on December 24th, 2020

 Making a grill is not as simple as it seems. For a beginner to the art of grilling, it can be downright difficult and annoying. The task of cooking food and meat over an open fire can be really challenging. It takes a lot of patience and experience to be able to create a really good barbecue dish.

Below are some of the questions people have about barbecue. Read on and start discovering everything you can about how to grill successfully.

1. What are barbecue grills?

Grill grills are devices used to make grills. They are used both at home and outdoors and in many bistros. Depending on the individual's requirements, the barbecue grills are available in different types.

There are barbecue grills that use gas. These are the most common types of barbecue grills because they are easy to use and practical. Some run on biological gas, while others run on propane gas. There are also models on the market that combine both.

Another type of barbecue grill is charcoal grill, which is more standard. These are the grills that are often used for outdoor cooking events and บาร์บิคิว.

Charcoal grills can often be quite cluttered and difficult to set up, but the flavor they bring to the grill food can’t be beat.

The least common type of grill is electric grill. This type of grill is not so popular because many people feel that much of the traditional charcoal / BBq flavor is lost when using electric grills, and they are not really suitable for traditional outdoor grills for obvious reasons. .

2. What exactly are barbecue smokers and how do they differ from barbecue grills?

Barbecue smokers can actually be compared to barbecue. Both are very popular and are widely used for grilling. The only difference between them is that smokers rely on an indirect heat source. In fact, the reason it is called smoker is because it is actually the heat produced by smoke that prepares the food.

Smokers are also available in different types and sizes. There are smokers who run on gas while others use traditional charcoal. Although not many people buy electric smokers for their homes, these devices may offer something that the other types cannot. Electric smokers have a feature called "cold smoke" which is really good for cooking foods like seafood, trout and salmon.

3. When should barbecue sauce be applied when grilling?

The best time to add barbecue sauce is towards the end of the cooking time, when you are pretty sure the meat is done. Barbecue sauces usually have sugar as one of the ingredients.

It can be a real challenge to cook meat with barbecue sauce that has already been cut or marinated in sauce, because sugar often tends to burn quickly.

Therefore, make sure that you cook the meat first before applying the sauce; otherwise it will tend to burn the sugar content of the sauce on the outside of the meat during the cooking time long before the meat is cooked. properly cooked inside. This can be a dangerous situation and make your guests sick.

4. How can I tell if my food is well cooked?

This can be a challenge for the grill beginner and even the most experienced chef, especially when it comes to cooking thicker pieces of meat and large portions of chicken.

The real problem often arises when the temperature of the grill is too high and the outside of the meat or chicken appears to be well cooked and often charred, but the actual inside of the meat can remain completely undercooked and this can be especially dangerous when serving. one or half a serving of chicken.

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