Rising Dollars and falling Rupees ? Big concern in Growth of Real Estate Project

Posted by eyehomz on June 28th, 2014

This is the alarming state of Indian economy when Rupee is falling day by day. This trend of fall hampers the growth of many sectors of economy. The new government is taking new measures to overcome from this situation of instability but the poor monsoon now became the great hindrance to reach the desired goal of economy. In the  following lines we will try to see how the rolling Rupees influence other sectors of economy , we will be very specific and focus on the growth of Real Estate sectors of leading financial and commercial blocks of India.

We are taking the instance of one of most growing economic block of India – that is Delhi-NCR and try to find-out the reason why this block is facing the slump. Taking one commercial project of Gurgaon Earth Sky Gate. This is world-class commercial project having all the credential of international level. This project is offering the assured return of 12% per annum to their investors. If the trend of falling Rupees will be this way then it would be very difficult to maintain the committed of company with their investors. The reason behind is that these world-class commercial projects are developed primarily keeping the foreign investors like multi-national companies. With the falling trend of rupees these foreign companies will not pay the amount which will maintain the 12% assured return to the investors and the real estate company will come this way under threat.

More or less the same story is going on with other real estate developers of India as well. Earlier there was great hope that Indian Economy will back on its track but less rain of this monsoon became a big threat for the economy. Only 46% monsoon was observed in the month of June. It is the history of India that many times monsoon played major role to influence the Indian economy. In-spite of all these above discussed facts there is great hope to comeback. The governments taken many majors in which price rise of petroleum products and Train fares are considered major steps. There are some other venues of opportunities and it is the alarming need to harness those economy. The international business community has great faith in Indian economy and they are ready to invest in India but ensure their liberty of work in India.

So, we have still many options which will help the economy to back on the track. For the growth of economy real estate sectors has to maintain the good growth rate. So, it is great hope with real estate developers to maintain growth of this industry. The commercial projects of Gurgaon are also taking new initiatives to maintain the growth rate of infrastructural development. To maintain class of commercial projects and success of these projects, companies have to equally focus on the development of residential sectors.

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