Attachment Leads to Sufferings and Detachment liberates gave birth to New concep

Posted by eyehomz on August 31st, 2014

India is the land of saints and sages. Around 2500 years ago Gautam Buddha told us that attachment brings sufferings and detachment liberates. Now if we talk about modern age then we get everywhere attachment and deeply rooted attachment. To liberate from these attachment we always try to struggle in our life but only few of us can liberate. In the support of attachment and detachment theory these are some real estate developers of Delhi-NCR brought new concept of Green livings. In these kinds of residential project the developer is providing all aspects of luxury but at the same time highly focused on greens which can attract the residents. It is a proved facts that nature always attracts human beings.

In the following lines we are going to understand how process of detachment will work in the luxury abodes of Sikka Kaamya Greens. This project is green building granting and certification. That means this project will have more green with manicured landscape where water features will also e available and these water features have many shades which gives us the feeling of detachments from worldly luxury. The other aspect of thematic gardens are also playing great role to give great value to our aesthetic senses and when we enrich our aesthetic  we get the feelings of detachments. The other aspect of big parks which has facilities of sit-out or these green buildings have private garden where we can enjoy sit-out and the beauty of nature detach us from worldly aspects of luxury.

As we get from the above discussion that how the real estate developers of Noida are providing new concept of luxury in the residential projects of Noida-Greater Noida Expressway. If we get the true liberty then we will get all the luxury of life. Those sages of ancient India had lived their life with true liberty and this al happened through detachments and this is the cause the ancient people of India never demanded luxury home because they didn’t have any requirement of air-conditioning villas and mansions. Because of their power of detachment they were keeping luxury every moment with them.

In modern time there is high demand of luxury in the residential apartments. So some of the real estate companies of Noida & Gurgaon have introduced this new concept which was originally propounded by Gautam Buddha. There are many benefits of this kinds of residential projects which are based on above discussed concepts. The residents won’t demand any kind of luxury if they get detachments and find true liberty , which will lead to lower the prices of residential complexes. In the time of inflation this kinds of concept will bring great prosperity in India. So, be detached and enjoy life with full of luxury.

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