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Posted by acemachinery on August 27th, 2014

With the introduction of machines, the need for manual labour has reduced to remarkable extent. Indeed, a positive sign for manufacturing organisations since the process helps to trim down labour costs immensely, thus helping in increasing profit. With advent of technology and its powerful progress, the innovations of different types of machines have improvised and automated organisational work procedures, thus making it highly cost effective and productive for attaining organisational goals.

Unlike the past, when too many workers were required to complete the packing procedures, today with the application of the folding machine the trend of progress at factories have accelerated to impressive extent. If you hear to what workers of ACE Machinery, a renowned automatic folding machine manufacturer in Korea have to say, you will know why this machine is such an exemplary unit. The company boasts of ‘Sig Pack’, the name christened to its own house production of automatic folding machine.

Let’s look at the features the machine has to offer

  • It is a fine example of how an already existing manual packing unit is converted into a fully functional and automated one
  • Maximum efficiency of the machine is enhanced by using glued object in the out box
  • The unit has the ability to make 2,00,000 productions in just an hour
  • No need of manual labour, can shrink down labour cost to a lucrative profit
  • Automation in production trend
  • Expected that the demand for the machine is likely to increase in the future
  • The machine serves most helpful in the last stage of printed glued object packing process

The sophisticatedly designed automated packing machine has diverse usage and comes with various attachments, such as, mechanical embossing device or gravimetric or volumetric filling system, and so on. The machine allows for easy operation for packing with stable performance, a very compact structure with novel design; as says packaging machine experts of ACE Machinery, a very sought-after packaging machine manufacturer in Korea.

Pressure sensitive sealing tapes are used in the process to secure the attachments of the varied sides of carton boxes. With adjustable height adjustment, it is feasible to take care of the entire packing procedures without much hassle. Such machines ensure sturdy and strong constructions of carton boxes so that they can further be applied for tucking in any types, shape and size of products ensuring their safety. Not just that, these carton boxes also help to pack oils, spices, or healthcare stuff or food stuff or cosmetics or stationary goods and so on.

These automated units offer easy and simple operations that produce carton boxes adhering to industrial standards. Known for longer functional life, robustness and operational fluency; these purpose of the units can never be denied. The best part is these machines are fabricated with high-grade raw materials and also other essential components to ensure its intact performance. Integrated with amazing features, these units help to optimize speed and also floor space rendering long-lasting durability.

ACE Machinery, the leading packaging machine manufacturer in Korea opens up umpteen possibilities of producing a number of epoch-making units so as to improve production quality of an organisation, minimizing labour costs and accelerating profit.

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