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Posted by acemachinery on December 17th, 2014

Almost all industries under the sun need packaging units to pack their products in cartons for onward supply to customers. This post production activity is an important factor in any commercial or industrial establishment for safe and secure packaging of their products for accurate and convenient supply chain. It is after this activity that returns on the investments are generated. Each industry or production unit has its own specifications of packaging. That means needs of packaging industry are varied and they keep changing from time to time. Automatic gluing machine manufacturer in Korea is a leader in the manufacturing of folding carton gluing machines. Their machines have a global market and are exported to over 40 countries around the world including USA, Europe etc. Their products are better known in other countries under the brand name of ‘Signature’.

This company has the best expertise to manufacture the following types of gluing machines with a top-notch electronic technological know-how.

v  Signature MK, Signature premier, Signature select, Signature elite, Signature eagle, Sig pack, Roto Braille, Inspection mach and Sig feed.

Hitherto, folding carton gluing was manual, where workers used to put the paper boxes in the out box by hand. This procedure required a bunch of workers exclusively for this purpose of packing resulting in the increase of labor and production costs. This procedure also had other disadvantages causing speed delays in the manual work and the gap between this manual work and capability of machines was always a worrying factor for the management. Folder gluer machine i.e. SIG pack of this company has solved all these problems. The epoch-making machine can installed to all other folder gluer machines as well as all the signature folder gluers. This automatic machine replacement in the pre-existing manual procedure enables all industries to put out maximum efficiency of the machines by simply putting the glued objects in the out box. With one skeleton worker at the machine, labor costs can be considerably reduced. This machine is the last stage in the printed glued object packing.

Packaging machine manufacturer, being a leading company in this industry has the highest rate of technological expertise to manufacture highly effective and specialized machines to suit unique requirements of customer’s world over. Their effort in striving to give the best in their products is the automation of the production line, which is already the worldwide tendency. The participate in most of the internationals industrial exhibitions in Europe and USA namely DUPRA, Germany, IPEX 2002, England, CMM, USA, PRINTEC AISA, CONVERF LEX, USA and GRAPH, USA to display they products. In view of the growing need for these folding carton gluing machines, people in the production line may feel like knowing more about this company. You can log in to find more about this company and their products.

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