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Posted by AmandaTom on October 16th, 2014

You do not need to be Angelina Jolie or her partner Brad Pitt to sell photos online which will be lapped up in a second. Even if you are not as famous as these celebrities, you can still make out a smart way to get your photos sell like hotcakes. Now it is not your own image that is getting talked about here but of photos taken by you. Many of us have a penchant for capturing different moments and moods of life. Imagine a photo which has captured sunset by the beach. Some years down the line this may be just another click but, if you somehow can manage to help somebody with that snap, how does that feel? Yes, people are making money by making arrangements to sell stock photos in websites which get bought.

Amateur photographers nowadays can earn money when they sell photos online to credible online photo libraries but of course, the photographs would have to be of certain quality. The website of some such photo libraries demand these photographs to be minimum of 4 mega pixel resolution and in a certain format like JPEG. You may sell stock photos thinking that any moment you capture would be considered as a product to sell. However, it may not be that smooth because now almost everybody has a digital camera or even a professional camera which makes any click look like a professional catch. So, you really need to stand out when it comes to making your captured moments a real feast for the eyes.

Apart from photographs, you can also upload videos and other stuff like an illustration or vectors which should be saved in a completely different format. If you wish to sell photos online, you need to have an expert eye in capturing a moment. If you enjoy clicking photographs or doing an illustration or edit pictures through the use of Photoshop then you should consider to sell stock photos and make enough money. Earlier only professionals or the ones who had good networking in this circle of profession could go ahead in selling photos but now with the advent of numerous online photo studios accepting images clicked by all and sundry, things have turned really easy.

Once you decide to sell photos online, please go through their website in order to ensure that you are following the format they have asked for. They accept videos lasting a certain amount of time, like say five to sixty seconds long. The vectors and illustrations that they accept should be EPS files which can go maximum 15 MB size or JPEG of a minimum resolution as stated earlier. Even if you are not a professional, you can get the guidance from these sites where you have planned to sell stock photos. They offer you free advice in order to help you improve.

Now, how do you make money when you sell stock photos? For each download of your photographs you make a certain amount of money which in other terms is called royalty. You can also become an exclusive member and earn a higher royalty when you plan to sell photos online. There are different USPs for different websites, so, you just need to be smart to make a wise choice and make a real good amount.

Good with camera? Plan to sell photos online? Get some real good snaps from your photo library and sell stock photos online.

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