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Posted by sungbooindustry on October 21st, 2014

The farming industry is fairly growing in leaps with a number of revolutionary machines introduced in this realm. Today, the focus is on high-rise farming encouraged by operational machines taking the farming industry to newer heights. With profound research and new techniques, the world of farming has changed by manifolds than what it used to be in the past. Armed with features, these are complex units and built with precision to ensure quality performance and eco-friendly operations. Read below to learn about a few machines that we introduce:

Bean threshing Machine

Used for bean and corn threshing, a bean threshing machine is used for peeling off beans or corns. The unit is equipped with a burlap bag wherein you feed screened and clean beans that are thrashed with the sharp teeth as installed inside the unit. One biggest advantage is that the unit comes with a bigger entrance so that you can feel in large quantity of corns inside. Bean straws are emitted from the rear side thus eliminating problems like emissions of beans. In a way, the entire process serves extremely helpful to even thresh wet and dried beans.

Unlike the traditional units, which were not capable of threshing dried and black beans and wet beans properly, this new and innovative unit is capable to perform so. Earlier, a lot of grounds would be released from the units and the rear outlet would get clogged by bean straws. However, these problems are now eliminated with the introduction of the advanced bean threshing unit.

Electric High Place Operation Car

Free from vibration and noise, the electric high place operation car is yet again a useful unit that can be operated in sloppy regions. It assures safety of workers even in highly steep farming zones, where they can continue farming with absolute ease. The unit can bear a maximum load of 250 kg. The best part is that the unit can operate for two and three days rigorously at a single charge. Some of the biggest advantages of the unit is it helps to reduce fatigue of workers and encourages farming even in dangerous and difficult work areas with maximum safety.

Multi-purpose Power cart

The highly efficient multi-purpose power cart is equipped with 1 reverse and 2 forward gears. It has a loading capacity of 200 kg on any flat road, and 150 kg on sloppy regions. It comes with parking brake and dump function; and even more the unit can rotate 360 degrees even within a very small space. Indeed, it is a highly-useful cart that has multi-purposes to serve.

Finding the above units in the market is now easy, but buying from a recognised brand is advisable. Sungboo Ind., Ltd., is a recognised Korean company specialised in selling invigorating machines to bring dimensional improvements in the farming industry. If you are looking for bean threshing or multi-purpose power cart in Korea, then seek products of this renowned brand that promises quality and safety of performance. Thus, simplify your farming process with the aid of these above machines. 

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