Can Offshore Medical Billing help Surmount Operational Demands?

Posted by Ecareindia on October 31st, 2014

In recent times, we have seen several Healthcare Facilities and Providers hitch a ride on a medical billing company’s coat-tails to save money and to focus more on patient care. It is this trust, which keeps the businesses of medical billing companies running smooth. However, these US medical billing companies also face several challenges similar to Providers, due to the recent changes and amendments introduced in the healthcare domain. Surmounting the varied operational demands in-house would be a herculean task for not only budding medical billing companies, but also for the established ones. In order to retain the trust and goodwill of their clients, they can choose to outsource a part of their medical billing services to offshore medical billing companies. Now, let us look at the different operational demands of medical billing companies and what they can do to surmount it:

Technology and Software Upgrades: One cannot deny the fact thatMedical reforms like the ICD-10 implementation, HIPAA 5010 standards adoption, ACA and other changes have taken the healthcare domain to its next level. However, the aftermath of these changes should also be taken into consideration. To comply with HIPAA regulations, Providers and outsourcing medical billing companies had to upgrade everything, right from billing software and documentation to clearing house and billing systems, which added a lot to the work pressure. It also affected the normal billing operations. Even today, many billing companies are facing similar issues. To overcome this operational demand, offshore medical billing would be the right solution.

Staff Handling: With the growing demand for outsourcing medical billing, recruiting highly competent staff has become mandatory. It is essential because, only skilled medical billing professionals can handle healthcare outsourcing services precisely and avoid claim denials. Therefore, medical billing companies must never show slack when it comes to staff recruiting and training. They can also get help from offshore medical billing companies to handle some of the load instead of adding to their overhead expenses.

Training: As mentioned earlier, there have been several technological advancements in the healthcare domain. Working on a new platform, technology and software without proper training is like ‘skating on thin ice’. Therefore, it is advisable that medical billing companies provide expert training to their employees and keep them updated with new techniques.

Overall Costs: Overcoming the aforementioned operational demands will cost a huge sum for medical billing companies. From incorporating new software and technologies into the system to training employees, they will be required to invest a lot of money, which can otherwise be saved by outsourcing medical billing. To save operational costs, offshore medical billing would be the right choice.

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