What Not To Do On Being Arrested

Posted by vendelajar on November 1st, 2014

When you are arrested by the police due to criminal offence or some kind of misconception or doubt, whatever you do in that period will determine your future. Singapore police department is very particular about the criminals being let loose. They will never allow a person who has been charged with a crime to roam around just like that. The authorized officer either will give warning or will arrest the accused. After the arrest they are presented in front of the magistrate immediately after where they are charged with their offence. The time in between is very crucial hence should be assessed very carefully.

In case, you or someone whom you know is being arrested by the police for some crime, try to focus on the following points:

  • Collect details of the criminal law!

Try to collect all the basic details of the criminal laws in Singapore related to the offence mentioned by the police. You need to understand the graveness of the situation before taking any step. What are the sections of law applicable, the punishments mentioned under it and how you can help the person should be your main concern.

  • Contact a lawyer!

While you are working on the criminal law, try to find a good lawyer as well. This lawyer will come in handy when the person is presented in court of law.

  • Avoid speaking during arrest or after!

Never, ever speak without the consent of your lawyer or in its absence. The police may try to record your statement at the time of arrest or when you are in the jail before being presented in front of the magistrate. Make sure to hire a lawyer, talk to him, understand the situation and then take any decision according to the suggestions of your lawyer. It will help in keeping off with the trouble as much as possible.

  • Do not sign on any document without lawyer!

This is also very essential and needs to be considered. Do not sign on any statement or document without being present with your lawyer or without reading it well. You can also ask the police to explain if they require you to sign something and you are unable to understand it.

Consider all these points and hire a good lawyer to make sure you are free from the allegation. The lawyer will handle all the legal issues, documentation and explain everything in detail to you. Choose the right one to be safe.

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