How to choose classic furniture?

Posted by hw on February 3rd, 2021

There are many kinds of manufacturing materials in furniture, among which wooden classic furniture has been very popular. Solid wood classic furniture in the furniture environment can not only give a person a natural feeling of relaxation, but also solid wood classic furniture is usually more versatile, for a variety of styles have a good control ability. Classic home has different modelling structure design, the style of the collocation is also different, only choose the right quality classic furniture can create a more natural and warm home environment

Classic furniture selection skills

1. Classic Tea table

Tea table serves as the furniture that the sitting room is hard to lack, its manufacture material has a lot of kinds, but most tea table is made for solid wood, because solid wood tea table has natural atmosphere more.

Tea table classic furniture using retro atmosphere wooden design, integration of natural artistic components, not only beautiful, but also has excellent load-bearing attributes and storage attributes, furniture equipment is very appropriate.

2.Classic Table

In a complete family structure, there is no doubt that the design of a restaurant can make the family enjoy a better experience when dining, and at the same time, in the restaurant, there is also an excellent table as a collocation.

3. Classic TV ark

Still have TV ark also is one of the handles that the living room image carries, compare with other TV ark, the TV ark of solid wood has the breath of gentle and elegant more, can have store effect not only, still can pull level of overall appearance.

4. The Classic Wardrobe

The house industry can not deny the value of the wardrobe, every family and even can be said that every bedroom within the basic are not little of its existence. The characteristics of a good wardrobe depend on storage capacity and the level of appearance.

Sofa of 5.

At present, most of the sofas on the market are based on European style, in fact, they do not know our new Chinese solid wood sofa is also very elegant temperament, in comparison, more inside information.

6. A Classic bookcase

The role of the bookshelf is very obvious, in addition to the return of the book can act as the role of the shelving, used to place sundry, but also can sit to a certain extent to add elegant temperament.

Solid wood classic furniture is also a kind of furniture rationality in the market now. It also receives a lot of love, and classic furniture suppliers introduce a lot of classic furniture to you.

Classic furniture daily cleaning tips

Daily cleaning of classic furniture is a very important job. Comfortable environment will make us feel more comfortable. Now let's take a look at the way to keep the classic furniture clean.

1. Clean egg whites

The time that uses grew, the dirt that has a few places on white leather sofa is particularly stubborn, make a person headache. At this moment, you can take right amount egg white, dip in with cotton cloth take, repeatedly wipe the place with the dirtier surface of leather sofa. This method works just as well with other leather products, and the egg whites also have a certain polishing effect, the leather will take on the original luster after use.

2. Toothpaste cleaning

The dirt of refrigerator shell, usable soft cloth adds a few toothpaste to wipe.

3. Remove dust from the bed

Floating dust often falls on the bed, the old acrylic clothes can be washed and dried, the need to remove dust when it is taken in the bed to a direction of rapid wipe, because of strong static electricity, will be floating dust adsorption, like a dry cleaning effect, save time and effort. After using it a few times, wash it and dry it and reuse it. It's economical.

4. Dust wood classic furniture

It is recommended to use a soft cotton cloth to wipe, if wet wipe, but also try to wring some, to avoid the wood water deformation; To a few woodiness compare high-grade classic furniture, had better use special cleaner.

5. Radish dusting counter

Sliced radishes can be used with a cleanser to scrub countertops. Sliced cucumbers or carrots can be used instead, but radishes work best.

6. Clean with white vinegar

The besmirch of mahogany classic furniture or other furniture that is polluted by oily ink blot can wipe classic furniture surface with equal amount of white vinegar and hot water mixture, rub hard with a soft cloth again next.

7. Remove grease from wooden classic furniture

The classic furniture that went up paint, the tea dregs that had wrapped bubble with gauze will be brushed, perhaps dry cloth dips in on cold tea is swabbed, classic furniture can be very bright and clean.

8. Use cling film wisely

Stick plastic wrap on the kitchen wall next to the stove. Because the cling film is easy to adhere to, plus is transparent, the naked eye is not easy to detect, a few weeks after the cling film is covered with oil, only need to tear the cling film, re-spread a layer.

Rest day or after coming off work, do a thorough cleaning to the home, can make the home look brand-new not only, also can prolong the service life of furniture, why not?

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