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Posted by bestroom on November 25th, 2014

The aim of technological development is to offer the mankind a better and more comfortable life. With the same motto, convenience products like the PDLC films have been manufactured. The PDLC films work as a switchable privacy film adding to the great convenience of the users to control the amount of light coming in through the glasses. PDLC or the Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal film is capable to actively adjust the amount of penetration of the solar light. This film adjusts the amount of penetration of visible rays depending on the presence or absence of electricity. There are many companies claiming to be a prominent pdlc film manufacturer in korea, but if you are really looking out for the best product that can give you unique service for years to come, the PDLC films from Bestroom Co. Ltd should be your only choice.

Features of the PDLC film from Bestroom

The uniqueness of the PDLC films from Bestroom lies in their features. These films are designed, synthesized and formulated through UV curable matrix prepolymer materials which add to the best quality and service. Due to the presence of liquid crystal and matrix prepolymer these films are able to offer high contrast in optical performance. So, as per your needs, you can heavily control the amount of visible light entering into your car or room. The company is also able to provide PDLC films for customized processes. These films are highly functional because they are stabilized in higher temperature. These can be used in a number of creative applications and architectural requirements like sunroof, e-paper, architectural glass, display and also as privacy film. 

Optical clear adhesives

Another popular product range from Bestroom Co. Ltd is the optically clear adhesives. The company has achieved a leading position as the optical clear adhesive manufacturer in korea due to their high quality product that is capable to offer completely invisible finish. These optically clear adhesives are used in applications where invisible, crystal clear bonds are needed. One of the main problems with the optically clear adhesives is that they tend to become yellowish over time. Some adhesives also muddle with the color of the display making the picture dull and less appealing. But the invisible adhesives from Bestroom resist yellowing for over the years and allow increased transmission of light so that the color of the LCD display is accurate, bright and has high clarity. These adhesives can be perfectly used for bonding polycarbonate, glass, ITO as well as PET.

Other products

Apart from the above the company also produces UVLAM, a special form of liquid resin that can be used on the laminated glass for safety. BS210, and BSRF50/70 are the other products from this brand. The best apart about every product produced and supplied by Bestroom is that they encapsulate the best of the latest technology, and offers exactly what it claims. The company acts as a pioneer in offering advanced quality adhesives and privacy films, and ensures the most competitive price for their product line.

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