Co2 Welding Machine, Dc Arc Welding Machine And Tig Welding Machine- Respective

Posted by postechcoltd on November 27th, 2014

Welding is referred to the process of creating arc for melting a small pond of molten metal at that point where joining is to happen. Small shop operators or homeowners, alike, can benefit immensely from electric welding machines to help in repairing different metal projects at home or at shops. Also, the affordability of such machines makes its quite viable for majority of customers to have access to such tools.

The arc welder is one of the most commonly used tools or machines in industrial sectors. Such electric machines feature a stick electrode inside it that aid in conducting electricity so as to perform the task of melting for filling in gaps across sheets of metals. Yet again, a TIG welding machine uses a kind of tungsten tip that enables in creating high temperature that is most significantly required to weld aluminum with ease together.

Talking of welding machines, one name that cannot escape your eyes is the Postech Co., Ltd., highly regarded as TIG welding machine manufacturer in Korea. The company has earned the reputation of acquiring the best training equipment and specializing in industrial activities so as to come up with unmatched welding machines that are sold copiously in the market. Today, this coveted company is known for offering excellent welding services in ship-building, automobiles, heavy-equipment and so on. To meet the various joining needs as required in fabrication and sculptural processes, welding machines find intense uses.

Now, that you have heard about co2 welding machine, dc arc welding machine and TIG welding machines; you would like to have a look at the discussion below to know about their special roles.

Co2 welding machine

  • This is 100% full digital machine used for welding
  • Also, these machines are capable of reducing welding sparks
  • Enhance work efficiency at a working site since these machines have optimized functions

DC arc welding machine

  • This uses unidirectional movement or flow of electric charge that is particularly produced from one source like thermocouples or solar cells
  • This is a kind of power system, which applies just one polarity of voltage or current
  • In this DC arc welding machine all the voltages and current are constant
  • Also in this machine you will find a rectifier that has a special role to play in converting AC into DC

TIG welding machine

  • TIG welding machine plays a special role in conducting welding process for 4130 chrome-moly steel and aluminum
  • A quality TIG welder comes to your rescue particularly when you need to weld hard metals
  • TIG, which stands for Tungsten Inert Gas, actually uses non-consumable tungsten electrode, which is capable of transferring current directly to the welding arc.

If you do some research, you will know that welding power supplies use generators and alternators for converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. Since the market has a number of manufacturers producing multi-functional welders, it becomes a little bit confusing to select the best. However, having access to Postech Co., Ltd., resolves much of your problems and brings the best welders to you.

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