Appreciate the beauty of Lanyuegu, a fairyland in Lijiang

Posted by ugfanfan on December 4th, 2014

Lanyuegu is a small valley located at the eastern foot of Yulong Snow Mountain near the ancient town of Lijiang, southwest China's Yunnan Province. A river which is formed after the thawing of ice on Yulong Snow Mountain, runs through it all year around. On bright days, the color of the river water in Lanyuegu reveals blue. When the small river flowing through the moon-shaped valley, the valley, which, from a distance, looks like a blue moon mounting at the foot of the mountain. Meanwhile, it is similar to the one which is described in British author James' Hilton's The Lost Horizon, so it calls itself Lanyuegu.

Blocked by mountains, the river of Lanyuegu is separated into four lakes: Yuye lake, Jingtan lake, Lanyue lake and Tingtao lake. All the lakes are surrounded on both sides by lush vegetation and mountains. The top of Yulong Snow Mountain, covered with snow, can be seen from the distance. The sky, clouds and the brightly colored trees are reflected in the crystalline blue waters, forming a dream-like land. The pure water can always reminds one of the most beautiful things in mind.

How to get there:

The scenic area is located at the eastern foot of Yulong Snow Mountain near the ancient town of Lijiang. It costs RMB150 to hire a taxi to get there. The admission fee is RMB80 per person.

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