Is Alcohol or Drugs Ruining Your Life?

Posted by Affordable Evaluations on February 8th, 2021

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Test is a Non-DUI assessment. The evaluation may be ordered by the court for various reasons that may deem it necessary to access a person’s addiction severity to substances. When it comes to an alcohol and drug addiction, it is difficult to be objective and hesitate in admitting you have a problem. If substance effects are causing negative effects in your life, now it’s time to take a closer look at the fact that you are suffering. Once you accept, you are already on the path of recovery.

What is the Drug or Alcohol Evaluation?

Evaluations are used to analyze individual’s history of subject use. It is likely to find out about the substance, and the dosage with which it is being used. It gives a better idea of the general scenario of an abuser and gives a solution to the problem. To know about someone’s struggle an evaluation is the best way to get accurate and exact information. Evaluations are done for several reasons, some are done for medical purposes and some are for other reasons.
Who Is Conducting These Evaluations?

These evaluations are conducted by trained professionals. Even though the screening phase of the process is now done online as well. These are some extra steps to understand better someone’s condition. Each phase has its own procedures to be followed.
How does Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Works?

An evaluation is comprised of the following parts:

• Screening: It is the initial stage where the person doing the investigation procedure if there is a problem.
• Assessment: Once the screening is done comes to a more analytical stage. This stage determines what the actual problem is.
• Follow-up: A follow up is required in that case there is a need for treatment or counseling. It obviously depends on the result of the screening and the assessment.
• Referral: This is the final phase that would recommend a program, treatment, or counselor to the person. It completely depends on the result of the previous steps.
Court-ordered Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Near Me

An Alcohol and Drug Evaluation for the court is something usually ordered by a judge. The substance evaluation can be done through a certified state agency. An Alcohol and Drug Evaluation can be required in case of drunk driving, public intoxication, drug distribution or trafficking, possession of drugs and alcohol, disorderly conduct while intoxicated, and use of fake IDs for purpose or consumption. After the Alcohol Assessment Test near Me, the investigation authority can make a decision. The next step will depend on their conclusion as well as the conclusion of the participator.
Treatment and Evaluation for Alcohol and Drug near Me

Alcohol and Drug Evaluation near me may perhaps involve a short intrusion, individual or group, and outpatient and inpatient program. Treatment of alcohol and drug use disorder may include:

• Detox and withdrawal
• Learning skills and set up a treatment program.
• Psychological counseling.
• Oral medication.
• Medical treatment for health conditions.
• Spiritual practice.

In conclusion, Affordable Evaluation provides mental health and substance abuse evaluations for all agencies and circulating our network into 50 states. We are licensed and certified to perform evaluations in Houston, Texas, and all out of state entities. We offer to speed up turnover and delivery of your evaluation report.

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