The DOT Return to Duty Process

Posted by Affordable Evaluations on February 11th, 2021

Employees who have violated an alcohol or drug program regulation are evaluated by a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) who will further make recommendations concerning joining a DOT Substance Abuse Program, the treatments, the after care and the follow up testing.

Whether an employee is fit to be placed in the cockpit of a plane, behind the steering wheel of a school bus, at the throttle of a train, at the helm of an oil tanker, at the emergency control valves of a natural gas pipeline or in the engineering compartment of a subway car is dependent on the decision taken by his SAP and conveyed rightfully to the employer.

Enormous Responsibility

In a DOT SAP evaluation, the SAP holds an enormous responsibility towards the public. He is neither the advocate of the employee nor the employer, his prime function is to professionally evaluate the employee to protect public safety and interest. SAPs need to fully comply and understand the regulations such as 49 CFR Part 40, SAP guidelines and resources.

How do you prepare yourself if you find yourself in this position under SAP’s scrutiny? When you meet a DOT qualified SAP for an evaluation, their job is to ensure that you have the tools to safely return to work after a failed alcohol or drug test. This is no time to be nervous! Failure to comply with the SAP’s recommendations will only delay your ability to return to work.

Preparing for SAP Evaluation

When you enroll for a DOT SAP Program near me, the SAP will investigate the case, will ask targeted questions to get more information and check if the employee has completed one or more assessment tools or not. Just like in a therapy session or while having a conversation with a known friend, answer all the questions honestly. Your SAP will outline a plan for your return to duty (RTD) process after making a substance abuse evaluation.

This plan may include individual counseling, substance abuse awareness classes or the level of care required for the employee’s individual case. To complete the necessary treatment or education, the SAP will refer you to places as well. To finally assess your readiness for the job re-entry, you must undergo and successfully complete the treatment or education recommended by your SAP.

Positive Drug Test

In a DOT SAP evaluation near me, the SAP is only trying to help the employee return to work. Your SAP can do a lot for you if you are transparent with him regarding your abuse and he will help you re-enter the work force even for safety sensitive positions. The minimum SAP evaluations recommended are two, the first one occurs at the beginning, while the second is scheduled at the end of the program.

Without completing the SAP process, an employee will not be permitted in any safety sensitive work in a DOT regulated field. If you have any questions about your DOT SAP evaluation, feel free to contact Affordable Evaluations who will be your support throughout the RTD program.

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