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Posted by Vicky Kumar on February 15th, 2021

The CDSCO certificate that the Central Drug Standard Control Organization issues covers a lot of products. On one hand there are the drugs from foreign nations, on the other hand, there are products that that drug like. Cosmetic products are part of the products on the other hand. The chemical nature of the cosmetic products and their potential to be adulterated by toxic chemicals is the reason why CDSCO certification has been made essential for them.

So, in this article, we are going to look at the CDSCO registration process for importing cosmetic products in the country.

Why is the CDSCO certification mandatory for cosmetic products?

Like we said in the introduction, the chemical nature of the cosmetics combined with the possibility that they might be altered with toxic chemicals is the reason that they must get tested by the CDSCO first. However, there is another reason. India, as a whole, is a country that believes in clean living and using products that hasn’t been tested on animals. Which is why, as per it’s product registration guidelines, CDSCO tests whether the product has been tested on animals. If it is, the product can’t cross the border into the country.

The CDSCO registration process

Courtesy of the digital mode that India has adopted for every matter, the process of acquiring the permission is through the CDSCO online registration process. Let’s now dive into the steps:

  1.        Create a file and populate with the required documents: Other than the CDSCO online application, the documents needed for CDSCO registration are many, and they are as follows:
  2.        A cover letter that mentions your purpose to applying for CDSCO import license for cosmetics:
  3.        A power of attorney that authorizes an authorized signatory; in addition to comprehensive containing every detail of the manufacturer, the CDSCO license consultant, the product details, and the validity proof.
  4.        A proper undertaking that your intentions of filing the application are pure.
  5.       An ingredient list that are entailed in the cosmetic products
  6.       The labels of the product(s) that should consist of details of the product and the manufacturer along with the Registration certificate number. 
  7.         Specification of the cosmetic product
  8.        Method of testing you’ve implemented to assess the quality and toxicity of the product
  9.       Manufacturing license if the product needs it
  10.          A free sale certificate issued by the authority of the country from which the cosmetic product is being imported.
  11.         Declaration  that you haven’t tested the products on animals.
  12.        Declaration that you haven’t used any toxic metals or hexachlorophene to make the product.
  13.        Go online to the CDSCO website: Once there, register yourself as a user, and file the application form.
  14.        Wait for the assessment process to complete: The number of documents you’re required to attach with the application makes it imperative that you wait for a lengthy amount of time for your application to be thoroughly assessed. It’s not ideal but, a CDSCO consultant can marginally expedite the process for you.
  15.        Obtain the CDSCO certificate: After approval, the Central Drug Standard Control Organization would hold off issuing you a license for additional assessment. If you don’t want it to happen, use your CDSCO registration consultants to obtain the license quickly.


CDSCO application forms only are worth filling if you know the meaning and the intent behind the CDSCO license to import cosmetics. This article has given you enough information in this regard. If you want to more information, reach out to your  nearest CDSCO license consultant.

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