A few best Way to Overcome Software product development outsourcing Challenges

Posted by Congruent on March 12th, 2015

Outsourcing has become one of the most common practises in the software world. The sharing of workload, the ease with which it gets completed and the expert touch a product or a part of it gets, are some aspects governed by software outsourcing.

There are, however, some greatest challenges that we face while outsourcing our products to people far and beyond. Slowly, yet steadily, we are learning the hang of it, and thus, are ready to face these challenges and overcome it with best of the spirits.

Let us discuss some of the problems that one faces while outsourcing the products and the ways to overcome them, with panache.


The team working on a part of your product is not working with you or your team. This can be one of the biggest challenges since there may be certain communication gaps with your team and those outsourced. 

The best way to keep communication channels open is to conduct online review meetings, every week, depending upon theconvenience of both parties.  Having a review meeting, will bring the whole workforce, yours and the outsourced one, under the same umbrella, and thus, will keep the channels open for negotiation and changes.

Change in time zone can make this communication process a little difficult. One needs to manage this effectively. Similarly, instead of contact with just one representative, a small meeting with everyone will keep communication open and friendlier. This will render a much-needed morale boost too, for everyone.

Timelines and completion

When everyone is on the same page and is updating the tasks regularly, the time line for a project is maintained, and project will go as planned. One needs to chalk out an initial plan, and try to stick to it. This is again possible, only with constant review meetings.

Staff acquisitions

Although you are hiring a company to do your job, you do not have the control of employees that they hire to work on your project. The outsourcing company might be working on not one single project, but many, at a time. 

This is one of the biggest challenges that one faces while outsourcing. The best way to tackle this is to review your products consistently, (if that is possible) to determine if the job is proceeding as planned. The quality of a product, if possible, can also be checked mid-way to ascertain if it is going to finish up nicely, and as planned.

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