How to Host Dinner Party Smoothly at Your Garden

Posted by Yuri on March 19th, 2021

Have you been walking in a park recently? I saw beautiful flowers have begun to bloom which made me feel like spring is almost here. As the weather is getting warmer, people go out more and more. However, due to Covid-19, we cannot go out like we used to without a mask and hand-sanitiser. So if you have a garden in your home, why not make patio dining in your garden? You can invite your family members and friends (When the lockdown is eased) without worried about other people. See sustainable patio design ideas from here! Today, I am going to share How to Host Dinner Party Smoothly at Your Garden.


  1. Planning

Planning is the first thing you should do. How many guests intended to invite to your garden party? Has anyone has food allergics? Is there anyone vegetarian or vegan? Are there enough seats? What alcohol and soft drinks you will get, What food you will cook, and where to shop, etc. You can write these answer down and if there is anyone who can help you, discuss with them. One more thing when you prepare the food, make more than you think you will need just in case. And do not forget to prepare some fresh food such as fruits or salads. Especially if the party is in the hot summer, make more fresh foods than hot foods to make guests happy.


  1. Ready all genre of music

No music no life right? Having nice food with family or close friends in nature with sunshine and when the sun is gone, start drinking while listening to nice music is going to be the best day. If you know what kind of music your guests like exactly, it will be easy to choose the music. If you have no idea what your guest’s favourite songs are, go with some bands and some DJs to mix it up. That way everyone can enjoy it!


  1. Make sure to prepare for any weather

You will never be able to rely on the British weather. You should cook and also have some seats undercover in case it rains. Also, you should have some blankets or jumper as well when the temperature decline in the evening. If you have an ethianol fireplace, that is even better to make a place warm. Make sure your guests feel comfortable.

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