What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Web-to-Print Process?

Posted by Rahul Shah on March 22nd, 2021

With the advancement of technology, many new industries have come up in recent years. The growing popularity of the internet and the decreasing digital divide has opened multiple doors for new ventures to escalate their business offerings and increase their revenues exponentially. More and more industries have started to operate in an online mode seeing the growth of the internet. The web-to-print solution is one of the fastest-growing industries owing to the technological changes and rise in internet users. It is still in its initial phase but has a lot of scopes if the resources are utilized properly.

We live in a fast-moving world where people have no time for themselves. In such a scenario, internet services are like a blessing to us. Today nobody wants to visit physical stores and buy stuff. People want everything at the tip of their fingers, just a search away. Analyzing the current situation, many printing companies have adopted online mode for offering their services. This transition from offline to online has given birth to a completely different industry called web2print.

Web2print solutions are nothing but printing services that are provided online. They are also known as ‘remote publishing. This benefits both the parties involved and has revolutionized the way printing solutions work. Web-to-print storefronts help businesses achieve several marketing goals using a single platform. They are like a ‘one-stop solution for all enterprise printing needs. Web2print solutions made the print industry a global sector. Earlier, printing was more of a localized job where geographical restrictions were present. But with the advent of print on demand services provided by web-to-print shops, printing jobs have become free from such restrictions.

Web2print solutions are a technology-driven sector. As new technologies come in, printing jobs become easier. Today, 100s of software allow users to create multiple templates for different print projects at the same time. Businesses can store the artwork, edit them, and order print products when required. Although the industry has flourished greatly and benefits people to a great extent, certain drawbacks come with its advantages.

Let’s have a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of web2print solutions:


  1. Covers wider market segment: Offline printing services have to face certain geographical restrictions. Their target market is limited to some fixed customers in their locality. But print-on-demand services that operate online have no geographical boundaries. They can reach a wider audience and generate more revenue.
  2. Ease of transaction: Printing jobs are considered to be a very stressful task. People have to take out time to visit the printer’s office, select designs, and approve them for the further print procurement process. So, the traditional printing process is a very time-consuming task. Whereas, web-to-print solutions are quick and easy to access. They enable customers to buy the desired product with just a few clicks. The printing company simply adds the detail on the web-to-print portal and customers can check the items with specifications to buy products they require.
  3. Cost-effective: If you are going for bulk printing, the cost per unit reduces significantly without compromising on the quality of the print. Web-to-print storefronts leverage modern technology which is suitable for large-scale production at a cost-effective price.
  4. Faster process: This goes without saying that web-to-print shops work way faster than traditional printing companies. Everything at the brand store online is managed automatically. They receive orders online, print them according to the client’s requirement, and then ship them to their address. The entire process is well-managed and does not involve any mid-process.


  1. Lack of personal guidance: In offline printing, customers have the advantage to go and sit with the professional designer to get the desired design for their products. Customers can even suggest some changes as the design is in progress. This kind of personal guidance is not possible with web to print solutions.
  2. Expensive for small printers: Printing companies that operate on a small scale and do not have the required resources to invest in modern machinery and cloud services. Therefore, they cannot get into this service. To run a web-to-print storefront, a good investment is required which works as a big hurdle for small-scale printers.
  3. Best for simple products: Web2print solutions are most appropriate for simple products. The technologies used are more convenient and cost-effective for such products. For complex products, the personalization process is difficult and expensive and might not fit into the budget of many people.
  4. Privacy: Another major drawback of brand stores online is the threat to privacy. Many a time there are instances of online fraud such as hacking, data theft, and payment privacy breaches. This can be avoided if businesses opt for offline printing.

Every coin has two sides. Web-to-print solutions come with their advantages and disadvantages. People can use any of the two services depending on their requirements and budget. However, time is the most crucial element in printing jobs. For this reason, most businesses choose web2print solutions over traditional printing. If you are planning to order your next personalized products, visit PrintStop’s web-to-print portal. PrintStop is one of the leading web-to-print solution providers in the country. They offer print-on-demand and drop shipping services along with other customized products to SMEs and larger corporations. Place your order and get the high-quality products delivered to your doorstep.

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