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Posted by sofia comas on March 30th, 2021

Are you looking for personalized gifts for your loved ones, but are unable to decide on one? In the current Covid-19 pandemic, it is unsafe to wander around gift shops and markets to pick the perfect gift. What if you could gift them something while sitting at home, at a reasonable cost? At Tring, we have exactly that for you!

Our list of personalized celebrity video messages is happy to conduct a live performance, sing your favourite song or even help you with your proposal. All you have to do is to fill a request form and ask them to do what your loved ones would love the most. There you go, that is your personalized gift!

It’s time for something special!

You can ask a celebrity to perform video messages for birthdays, anniversaries, proposals, or any other happy occasion in your life. If you are bored of gifting your friends the regular teddy bears, chocolates, and watches, then you should try us out!

All of us have a celebrity crush, and Tring brings them together to have a conversation, go on a virtual date, or interact with them. Celebrities have a tight schedule and are rarely accessible to the public, which makes them all the more mysterious to the public. However, they are people like you and me and like to maintain their privacy.

Of course, you can directly message them on their social media handles. But they may not get the time to check their messages and comments, which leaves your request unread. On the other hand, we offer specialized access to your favourite celebrity. Choose your package deal, make the payment and wait for the video. In this case, celebrities would be more than happy to record a message for their beloved fans.

Thanks to Tring, customers can collaborate with celebrities without barriers, as they request heartwarming happy birthday greetings from celebrities!

Unique celebrity videos for you!

While deciding upon the videos, have something extraordinary in mind as you will not get your icon to make a video for you every day! Our list of celebrities sets the price, which is quite affordable.

Customers can choose between performances or shoutout packages – which are one-minute-long videos for Q&A, celebs wishing happy birthday, congratulations, and other greetings. We create experiences that last a lifetime for our customers, who might never get to meet their stars otherwise.

Social media and its influence

Celebrity videos build your brands and businesses as well, by targeting the audience, building trust, and driving engagement. For example, makeup brands can send their products to a famous influencer, who can try them and provide honest reviews.

Why are we special?

Tring loves to make special memories for you, as we have the latest and golden celebrities on our list: entertainment, music, dance, sports, cuisine, and much more. Celebrities love interacting with their fans, while you love surprising your special ones with personalized greetings videos. In all of our videos, our focus is on maintaining a happy customer base by creating beautiful moments with their favourite celebrity.

Now that we have technology at hand, let us create beautiful memories for our family and friends. If you are looking out for authentic celebrities birthday greetings, please contact us at Tring.

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