Love: To Fight or Not to Fight

Posted by georginabelikov on August 16th, 2010

When we are in love, there will come a time when we will be faced with a challenge. This challenge will either make or break the love that we have built up little by little, until we finally found out what true love means. This certain trial is whether you would fight for the love you've found, or to give it up because you can't bear to hurt other people. So, when faced with this situation, what will you do?

Nicholas Sparks once said in one of his books that loving someone and being loed back in return is the greatest feeling in the world. If you have been in love for even once in your love, you would surely agree to him. And I'm sure, a lot of people would. You would have felt the simple bliss of being together, having no concern of anyone or anything else except yourselves. You may even have made a promise to the one you love that you would stay with him/her all through the end, whatever may come your way. You've felt the love that is so strong, that you thought that without it, you would be nothing.

Of course, there would always be obstacles when it comes to love. It may come in any form, at any time that it chooses to. This is not of your choice, and you wouldn't want to face it if given the chance. But whether you turn the world upside down, you still need to confront the problem, and face whatever consequences that it carries with it.

What will you do then if you are left with two choices? The first choice is that you are to continue fighting for your love, but in the end, a lot of people would get hurt along the way. The other choice is for you to give up, and simply wish your loved one a happy life after you're gone. It's hard to make a choice huh? But would you just sulk and watch your love crumble in front of you? Or would you continue to fight for it because you may lose your only chance for happiness. Well, it's up to you on what you will do but remember, Grandmother Willow was not wrong when she said to Pocahontas, "Follow your heart."

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