History of Lawsuits Against Low T Drugs

Posted by Lawsuit Information on July 9th, 2015

As men get older and start to lose muscle mass, sometimes their vocal register will go up and they will have a low libido. However men with low testosterone only comprise about 3-7% of the population. Many men think low-T drugs can replace Viagra and have the same effect when this is not the case at all. The reason men think this is because of false advertisement. Low-T drug manufacturers saw that men were looking to improve their sex drive or masculinity and realized they could market their drugs to doctors for ‘off-label’ prescribing. Tragically, this has led to deaths and serious health problems. Young and older men are now taking low-T medicines for all the wrong reasons. Men are not being warned of the very serious health risks and doctors are not either.

This is often a topical gel which can also be harmful to women and children. It can cause the genitals of children to become enlarged and it can cause them to be aggressive. Men can experience loss of libido, increased breast size, mood swings and depression but there are far more serious complications. Men are at an increased risk for heart attack and cardiovascular disease if they take this drug without having low-T. Low-T therapy drugs arlso interact very badly with heart problems and diabetes. Other problems have occurred as well such as prostate cancer, increased need to urinate, paranoia, problems with cholesterol, blood glucose problems, blood clots, confusion, pounding in the ears, pain and swelling and much more.

So far there are more than 1000 lawsuits filed against the makers of these drugs who are illegally promoting them as safe for people who do not need them and will be harmed by them. Proper testing was not done and information is being withheld in a very harmful and negligent manner.

Only recently did the FDA make a statement that the low-T drugs increase the risk of heart attack as well as death. The FDA is looking closely at them but unfortunately they are still on the market and men are becoming victims of the cheap and fraudulent marketing schemes. The lawsuits against these companies are based on companies not warning people about the risks, not testing the products properly and falsely advertising the benefits.

Some of the companies that have come under scrutiny are Abbvie, Inc who has been mass marketing Androgel which is one of the most popular brands. This drug was made by Solvay Pharmaceuticals and then apparently bought in 2010 by a company called Abbott Laboratories. Just to stress how corrupt this is, Abbvie spent over 0 million in marketing of androgel in 2012 and made over a billion dollars of profits.

If you or a loved one were affected by Low-T drugs please realize that the only way to protect the public is to file complaints and lawsuits to hold these large companies accountable and try to get the products banned or at least marketing to the people who need them and properly tested. A consultation with a qualified lawyer should be free and remember that you deserve justice and compensation for being falsely informed and taken advantage of.

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