A Perfect Guide to Hang Curtains

Posted by Swayam India on July 17th, 2015

Curtains add beauty to the room with finished designs as well as distinguish art and colors. The window treatment can totally transform a common boring window into a dramatic show stopper. The look of the curtains can be simple or elegant but how it is hung on an iron rod is what makes the difference. Not just dressing a window but doing that correctly is all you need to know. Otherwise, your investment in buying curtains might go waste.

Choose the high window treatment:

  • Gives high illusion of height with hanging a curtain.
  • The pole should be hung minimum 4 inches and a max 12 inches to the top of the window
  • Or else, it looks unprofessional and inexpensive
  • The unlined curtain panel looks well done and professional at the proper height above the window.

Create the light for an illusion with a shade

  • Make the window look tall and important
  • Hang the pole at least 12 inches under the pole
  • Combine the window treatments to add the design of blank wall showing through
  • The shade covers the blank wall and gives the illusion that the window is tall.

Extend the curtain rod beyond to make the pleated width:

  • Install the pole to the exact width as the window
  • Hang the pole at least three inches beyond each side of the fame
  • Lets in more light, visually appealing; the window is large to get the glass rather than the cramped curtain.
  • Prevents the shadow on the side of the window
  • Each curtain panel should measure 12 inches in width or hang 3 inches into the glass portion of the window.

With Pressure or steam the curtain:

  • No folds or wrinkles exist
  • Hang the panel right to theorize that the wrinkles will “fall out” in time.

Make the curtains to Leave room underneath:

  • The curtain length varies ½ inch above the floor for free hanging curtains
  • Creates an illusion that the curtain touches the floor

Focus on the length of the curtain with creative hem finishes:

  • A popular hem finish touches the floor about 3 inches longer than the flush to ankle on the top of the foot.
  • In case of puddle finish, hem is not always necessary. The curtains is made 9 to 12 inches too long, tucked and puffed on the floor
  • Adjust the length of the curtain panels with Bishop Sleeve. The sheet has now transformed into an unlined curtain panel with excessive length on the floor
  • Tie a string around the sheet about 31 inches above the floor.
  • Puff the fabric above the string

Can’t hang a rod Using a tension rod:

  • A tension rod or shower curtain tension rod can be used in favor to allow the holes in the wall.
  • The style rod mounts inside the window with inner springs
  • This will expand from side to side using tension instead of screws to hold it in a place.

Add a width of fabric to the short curtains

  • A width of the fabric can be added too short to the curtain panel.
  • Have a solid color or a pattern that coordinates with curtain fabric
  • Adds an appealing design detail to form a more packaged certain look custom made
  • Simply iron some fabric between the two fabrics to bind together

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