Salmon Fishing Guide and Equipment

Posted by Patrick John on April 23rd, 2021

Salmons are some of the trickiest fish to catch in the water. This is because they are very picky and as a result, will not just take any bait that you put out to them. To have a successful salmon fishing expedition, it is advisable to have all the equipment and skills needed to do the fishing.

Salmon fishing requires you to have lures, gears, a wide array of flies, and graphite rods.

Salmons come in different sizes. That is why it is advisable to get the equipment with the highest level of strength to be able to capture all kinds of salmons. You can imagine trying to pull a 50-pound salmon species with just an ordinary fish hook. It would look very ridiculous. Therefore, it is advisable for those planning on salmon fishing to bring out the strongest equipment available. Below, we will look at the salmon fishing guide online on along with the equipment that you need for the activity.

When buying the equipment, however, do not focus on the most expensive. Instead, go with the gear that simply does its work. For example, choose fishing rods that don’t slip lines that won’t break and lures that are attractive to the salmons.

Lures and baits

Just like in other types of fishing, you first focus on locating the fish, preparing a tackle, and pulling the fish. However, this is only possible when you have the right kind of bait.  Lures such as cured salmon roe will increase the chances of a bite. However, it is important to note that this kind of threat comes at a price. Alternatively, salmon fishermen can use flies. However, you can add scents to the flies to make them more attractive.

Strong fishing rods

The right rod for salmon fishing should have a mixture of characteristics. first, the rod should be flexible enough to handle the swinging characteristics of a silver salmon while at the same time be strong enough to handle a Chinook salmon. The good thing is that there are many rods options available on the market to meet your fishing needs. You can also go for graphite fishing rods that are not only flexible but also reduce the overall weight of the gear. If you want affordable rods, however, you might want to look at the bamboo options. 


The best reels for salmon fishing should follow a more traditional design with no drag at all. This would make the fishing process simple and straightforward. New reel designs provide a drag mechanism that allows for a shorter line for feeding. This is very helpful especially when the fish is trying to bolt away from the angler. On the other hand, anglers can go for power-assisted reels either when they do not have a lot of arm strength on the hands or are dealing with a stubborn fish.


If you want to be very successful at catching salmons, you need to use the right type of lines.  Some species of fish such as Chinooks can be very tricky as they avoid baits at the slightest provocation. In such cases, you need to use less visible lines that will prevent the fish from detecting you. 

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