Benefits of Magento Sage Integration Services for Websites

Posted by Holbi on September 2nd, 2015

What are Magento and Sage?

Magento Sage integration has changed the dimensions of ecommerce and online retailing. Magento is open source software which is rich in features and allows a website owner to customise his or her website in accordance with the business requirements and services. It gives the owner control over the entire functionality of the website, as well as its design and layout. This enables them to present the business services and products in the most desirable way possible.

Sage is online accounting software which simplifies the transactions and related processes on a website, adding to the convenience of ecommerce. It lets the user choose their desired mode of business, providing him with online carts, different transaction options, and clear and precise invoices. It also helps the business owner to analyse the business performance with regular built-in reports and statements.

The Integration of Magento and Sage

The integration of Sage and Magento bring together the ease of navigating through a website, choosing the right product and the mode of payment to create an experience that is customer friendly. It helps the customer find the right product for their needs conveniently, while allowing the business owner to keep track of his accounts efficiently.

Benefits of Sage-Magento Integration

This integration has automated the workflow of electronic commerce. As the data is automatically synchronised between Sage and Magneto, there is no need for cut and paste or manual data updates between the two. This is extremely efficient and fast, and eliminates potential human errors. For a business operating an online store, this is an extremely cost effective measure to reduce workload on staff and increase productivity.

The users draw a lot of benefit from this too. It allows for streamlining their account management page and activity history. They can easily log in and view their transaction histories and past purchases from a single location. This significantly boosts the user experience, a primary factor affecting customer retention for ecommerce websites.

The biggest advantage offered by this integration is the flexibility. It can be customised on demand for different devices, business requirements, and target demographic. This makes updating products and entire websites convenient and efficient, in terms of both resources and time.

Sage-Magento integration has metamorphosed ecommerce completely, and is here to stay. It is a platform that both the users and retailers draw benefits from, and will definitely continue to transform the way businesses run.

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This article is written by Vadym Gurevych who holds a Masters of Software Development degree from Kharkiv National Technical University (Ukraine) and has been creating commercial software products for businesses for 15 years. Currently, he is the Managing Director at Holbi. Holbi is the trading name of DataLink UK Ltd. They believe in online sales and specialize in providing bespoke and b2b e-commerce solutions to small and medium businesses from all over the world. Besides these Holbi also offers e-commerce consulting services.

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