How to accurately measure steam flow

Posted by hw on May 26th, 2021

When talking about the flow rate of steam, most of the steam in the market has trade relations. There must be interest controversies for trade relations. How to accurately measure the flow of the instrument? Let's discuss vortex flow meters.

In order to accurately measure steam flow, it is inseparable from the selection and installation of the steam flowmeter.

The components of the vortex flowmeter have the following four parts: 1. Sensor of flow meter; 2. Pressure transmitter; 3. thermal resistance; 4. Acupillator. Select these four parts according to the actual measured steam data. After selecting the above parts, they must be placed in the scene.

It is also important to note that do not exceed the maximum upper and lower limits of the instrument flow range when measuring steam. It is recommended to control the flow rate of the vortex flowmeter between 1/2 and 2/3.

It can be seen from the above, the most important thing we emphasizes is to select and install the mass flow meter in the early stage. In fact, different media have corresponding flow meter measure flow. The key is to select and install to effectively save costs and increase profits.

What should I do if the vortex flowmeter does not display flow?

1. Confirm that it is connected, check whether the output voltage of the power board is normal, or try to replace the entire power board to determine it is good.

2. Check that the cable is intact and the connection is correct.

3. Check the direction of steam flow and whether liquid in the tube is full. For forward and reverse measurements, if the direction is inconsistent, it can be measured, but the set display flow does not match the positive direction and negative direction, and the correction must be performed. If the workload is large, you can also change the direction of the arrow on the sensor and reset the display meter symbol. If the pipe is not filled with liquid, it is mainly due to improper installation of the vortex flowmeter. Measures should be taken during the installation process to avoid that the liquid in the pipe cannot be satisfactory.

4. Check that the electrodes on the inner wall of the transmitter covers a liquid housing layer. For measurement steam that is easy to scar, it should be cleaned regularly.

5. If it is determined that the converter component is corrupt, replace it.

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