The Rulebook of Doís and Doníts for Perfect Grooming Experience for your dog

Posted by Monkoodog on May 26th, 2021

Have you always been wondering why it takes you ages and a sweaty forehead to smoothen the fur of your dog? Were you afraid to trim your pet’s nails as you feared they would start bleeding? Have you ever wanted something to guide you when you groom your dog?

If your answer to any (or preferably ‘all’) of the aforementioned questions is “YES!”, then fret not, we have got it all covered! So just sit back and relax as we rid you of your worst puppy grooming nightmares! From perfectly brushing your dog’s coat to trimming its nails properly, we have listed it all.


  • Brushing is hard if you don’t know the tips to a silky coat. ‘Brush before bath’ is a simple answer, in addition to choosing the right brush.
  • Trimming of nails is tricky, but doing it to the right size is a solution to previous bleeding experiences.
  • A dog groomed at an early age is more compatible with older, harder grooming sessions, so choose your age right!
  • Brushing teeth is equally important for your furry friends as they might develop certain problems over the years.
  • A health check-up for visible skin problems is highly recommended.

Having listed the ‘Do’s’, let us have a look at some ‘Don’ts’.

  • Be careful while washing the sensitive ear area.
  • Neveruse any non-vet approved products or fragrances on your dog.
  • Don’t create an awkward situation of holding your dog’s limbs improperly.
  • Say no to an outdoor bath in winters.
  • Dogs are like babies. Don’t leave them unattended near grooming tools.

Thorough research and proper idea of handling a grooming session of your dog would create a happy space for both of you. If you found these tips helpful, you can check our detailed version of  “Do’s and Don’t for perfect Grooming” at your home!

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