How To Polish Your Singing To Be A Great Singer?

Posted by Srisha on November 4th, 2015

If you aspire to be a good singer, then it very important for you to take care of your precious voice. Good voice is God’s gift to us, so it should be valued and polished to make it even more refined. Here are some important components one needs to work upon, in order to be a successful singer, brought to you by Srisha-one of the most sought after female singers in Tamil Music Industry.

5 Basic Components of Singing:
1. Pitch
2. Breath

3. Rhythm
4. Diction

Let’s discuss all these components in detail:

Singing off-key or out of tune, is a big no for a singer; so, pitch is very important for great singing. Pitch refers to the notes and sounds that are produced by vocal chords when someone sings, and it is one of the most important factors that determine if your song is going to sound great or not. A singer has to hit various pitches in a song with accuracy in order for the song to be melodious.

Expert Tip: Start doing pitch improvement exercises, using a recording device. You will be surprised with the improvement, suggests Srisha –one of the best Tamil female playback singers.

Rhythm is arguably, the soul of a song. That’s why it is essential that we stick to the basic rhythm of the song, else we will find ourselves struggling to sing in harmony with the musicians. It’s the Rhythm only that gets us on our feet and dancing, so makes sure you pay attention to the rhythm

Expert tip: You can develop a good sense of rhythm by learning to recognize various beat durations, by vocalizing notes with different beats.


Breathing while singing is very different from normal breathing, so need to have very good control over your breath in order to make your song sound effortless and melodious. Learning how to control breath while singing is of great aid to the singers and helps them gain control over their song.

Expert Tip: Learn breathing exercises. If you don’t have a teacher, then you can get help from various online tutorials.

Having clear diction is pertinent when singing so that the meaning of the song can be conveyed in the correct manner.

Expert Tip: In order to improve your diction, record yourself singing and try to notice your diction. Make sure you can hear every word clearly

Music has taken many forms, since the evolution of human beings. Carnatic Music, which is one of the most melodious forms of Indian music, needs a lot of discipline and practice. Practising it on a regular basis brings forth the discipline and perfection required to become a good Carnatic singer, like Srisha, who is a young achiever in Singing. With her constant practice and her passion for music, she has reached great heights and has become one of the most critically acclaimed Tamil Carnatic Singers.

Right from her childhood days, the amazing singer has put her heart and soul into her music and it’s because of this devotion, she’s been able to become one of the most melodious voices in Tamil music industry.

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