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Posted by Srisha on February 9th, 2016

If you are aspiring to be a singer, then launch of your first music album will be one of the most significant events in your career. While there is no sure shot formula to success, you can always make sure you do things right when releasing your music album, says Srisha who has many classical music albums to her credit. Here are some tips you can use to make your music album successful, brought to you by Msrisha.

1. Make sure your first album is your best

It is said that ‘first impression is the last impression’. This holds true for music as well. Before you plan to come up with a music album, make sure you are well prepared for it. Aside from promotion and finding the right platform, it is important that you have a strong foundation of music. Srisha- the super singer who is considered one of the best young female singers of Carnatic music in Tamil, rehearsed for years before coming up with her first album. As a result, her music album became an instant hit with the audience and established her as one of the most promising singers in the industry.

2. Get your fans psyched up

If people don’t know about your mu       sic album, how would they buy it? Let the people know about your album, while it is still under production. Use your blog, and social media accounts to keep people posted on the recording process. Share video clips, rough mixes from the studio and even behind the scene pictures to keep your fans intrigued.

3. Release a single to create buzz

Release the catchiest and strongest song first. Also, before release, you should hype it up on all the usual channels: website, YouTube, social profiles. If the people like your single, they would definitely be interested in buying the entire album too. Make sure that wherever you launch your single, the release date for the full album is prominently featured.

4. Use the power of PR

Send e-mails to bloggers, DJs, and journalists with the details about your new album, your CD release party, and why your album is worth writing about. Be sure to include a link to your music video, and some notable press quotes.

5. Revamp your website

Your website is an effective medium to interact with your fans and make a good impression. An impressive website will give your fans a reason to visit it, so go ahead and give it a refresh. Consider using elements from your new album design in your website. Update your bio, photos, and music player. Make sure all your links are live and relevant. Include expert tips for the music lovers. When you offer your fans something of value, they will have a reason to visit your website.

These were some important tips from Srisha-one of the prominent singers of classical carnatic music. There’s plenty more you could do to make your album a big hit, like- attend music conferences, live shows, etc. But even if you can accomplish the tips listed above, you’re sure to make an impact. Also, try not to overstress yourself, says Srisha. Your album release is a happy occasion, so cherish every moment and stay positive.

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