Granite Finishes- Understand Your Choices

Posted by randyjones on November 21st, 2015

Granite slabs after quarrying from the mines go through extensive processing to transform into the beautiful kitchen worktops installed at your place. One of the processes that the stone slabs go through is the polishing procedure where they are given a smooth surface with glossy sheen and spark which is considered a characteristic feature of the granite stone. However, with the evolving technology and changing times, there has been an increase in the popularity of alternate finishes among people. Here are some granite worktop finishes that are currently trending in the market:

  • Polished- This is the most commonly available finishes with granite and marble worktops in London. A highly reflective surface, this is mostly preferred because it is the least porous of all granite finishes.
  • Caressed- Caressed finish is achieved by polishing the leathered finish. This not only adds gloss to the high spots on the surface, it also makes the surface less porous.
  • Honed- This is the regular or what we say the standard factory finish for lime stones that do not take up polish. Honing essentially opens up the pores of the stone surface, so make sure you consult a professional stonemason for the correct sealer to apply after.
  • Bush Hammered- One of the preferred textured finishes for stones installed in outdoors, this is rougher than the leathered finish but provides uniform surfaces.
  • Sandblasted- Recommended only for use on decorative stones only, sandblasting usually fades out the colour of the stone making it extremely porous.
  • Flamed- The hot flamed used for this finish makes the crystals of the stone to pop out, giving it a rough texture which is best suited for outdoor purposes.
  • River Washed- Another one of the textured finishes, a stone is river washed after being flamed. River washing is also considered a precursor for the leathered finish and smoothens out the flamed surface.
  • Leathered- Coming to the most talked about finish of this post; leathered finish is one of the most popular decorative finishes for granite worktops in London. The leathered finish provides better colour retention and is less porous as compared to the hones and flamed finishes. It basically provides a smooth, matte finish to the countertop. However, not all granites can be leathered so make sure you ask your professional supplier for the same prior to ordering.

Every granite slab is unique in itself. It has a distinct colour, markings, patterns and mineral composition that make it exclusive from the rest and suitable for various finishing processes.

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