What are the Benefits of Using Aloe Vera?

Posted by HealthyPlanet on December 10th, 2015

The ancient Egyptians believed aloe vera to be an elixir of immortality. This, of course was a myth. However, aloe vera does contain a number of powerful healing capabilities and health benefits. These were known even to ancient Egyptians, and probably the truth behind their reverence for aloe vera. Modern analysis of aloe vera has revealed a number of interesting and useful properties, particularly its numerous health benefits.

This is one of the main reasons why aloe vera should be a part of the garden in every home. The health benefits of aloe vera has led to different types of health supplements that can do wonders for your skin and your overall health. Most supplements are in form of juices and medicinal gels or creams. These contribute, in varying degrees to several bodily functions, a few of which are mentioned here.

  • Improves Digestion: Aloe vera is said to increase the number of good bacteria in your stomach and intestines (called gut flora). They play a vital role in keeping your digestive system in good shape. Aloe vera also helps in curing stomach disorders and is thus recommended as herbal cure.


  • Helps in Losing Weight: If you have been trying to shed some weight, aloe vera can help you. Experts recommend aloe vera to lose weight in a healthy way. Aloe vera is believed to stabilize the metabolism of your body which in turn encourages burning of excess calories.


  • Regulates Cholesterol: One of the main culprits behind heart disease is LDL, commonly called ‘bad cholesterol’. Aloe vera supplements help in keeping your LDL levels in check. It is said to reduce triglycerides in your blood which cause problems like atherosclerosis, where fatty deposits form on the inner walls of blood vessels, leading to heart problems or even stroke. Aloe vera also boosts HDL i.e. good cholesterol in your body. HDL helps remove LDL from your arteries.


  • Regulates Blood Sugar: Aloe vera has been shown to be helpful in regulating blood sugar levels. This is useful for diabetics and also people who are susceptible to it. However, you must consult a doctor for using aloe vera as a blood sugar regulator.


  • Detoxifying your Body: There are a number of toxinsthat get into your body through food, water and air. These can be injurious to your health and could cause various health problems. Taking aloe vera regularly flushes out toxins from the body. This in turn ensures that you stay healthy.
  • Reduces Risk of Cancer: Research has shown that aloe vera helps reduce the risk of cancer. It is rich in agents that fight carcinogenic components and thus reduce the chances of tumours and other cancerous growth.

Other than the aforesaid benefits, aloe vera is also said to help in maintaining oral hygiene and cure pains in the muscles and joints. The full list of benefits of aloe vera are too numerous to list. It is one of the best health supplements that one can opt for a healthy lifestyle.

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