How To Get A Record Deal?

Posted by Srisha on January 8th, 2016

For every aspiring singer, getting a record deal is like a dream come true. While there is no set rule to get a record deal, there are things you can do to increase your chances of getting your dream record deal.

Getting a record deal, doesn’t ensure your success; it is only the first step, says Srisha-one of the best Tamil playback singers female. Your life’s very important journey begins after landing that deal, so take every step carefully. Just getting a record deal is no guarantee of success in the music industry, so do your best, work hard and follow the following steps:

Do your research

Before you start, do your research and make a list of some of the best labels you would love to work with, and do your homework. Ensure that the record labels you choose are well-suited for your kind of music. Take a look at their pages in the social media, and collect all the important information pertaining to them. Do some research about the kind of music they make, once you have contacted them, keep in touch with them to make your music ‘heard’.

Practice well

Work on your music. Keep working on it until you think it is perfect. Focus on your sound and music. According to Srisha, who is one of the leading Tamil carnatic singers, success did not happen overnight to her. After years of practice and training under her guru, she was able to refine her naturally gifted voice. It was due to her years of practice, she could make her voice mesmerizingly beautiful. “The more focused your music is, the more nearer you are to getting signed up with a reputed record label”, says the ‘Super Singer’.


The Music Demo

Your first step towards landing that elusive record deal is to make an impressive music demo. It’s like your bio-data that represents who you are and what you can do and what makes you such a good singer. When you approach recording companies, music producers and talent agencies, your music demo will be the first thing they will ask for. So, it should be of professional quality. Remember, only if your music demo is impressive enough, they will consider working with you. So, create a positive first impression by creating an impressive, professional quality music demo.

Give your best performance

According to Srisha-one of the prominent Tamil film singers, when evaluating a music demo, composers look for music that has the ability to move them emotionally. So, make sure your music strikes the right chord with them. They don’t have the time to wait until the ‘antara’ to see if they like it or not, right from the start or it has to be impressive.

Opportunities are abounding in the present musical economy, one just needs to work hard and set his goals in order to achieve success. One voice that successfully made its way to the hearts of the music composers and music lovers across the world is-Srisha’s. Srisha is one of the best singers in Tamil music industry, with a voice that will leave you spell bound.

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