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Posted by DNA Forensics Laboratory on June 26th, 2021

Hand-written pedigrees and compiled books often serve well to someone seeking links with his or her ancestors within a short area. The age-old practice is still prevalent in many communities, populations, etc. However, the advancements in DNA testing technologies now enable us to dig deep into our ancestral roots. Getting an ancestry test can answer most of our queries about our ancestors, their origin, migration, etc.

Getting a DNA Ancestry Test in India

Depending upon the type of information you may be seeking, you can get a specific DNA Ancestry Test in India of the following:

  1. Paternal Lineage DNA Ancestry Test: A Paternal Lineage DNA Ancestry test traces back the male ancestry using the Y-chromosome analysis. A father passes the Y-chromosome to his son, and so on. This test can reveal the Y haplogroup and thus suggest the geographic origin of one’s ancestors (paternal) supported by the common DNA markers.
    As Y-chromosome is only passed on to the male child, a female can not get this test directly. Instead, she can ask for her father’s, brother’s, or any other male members of the same paternal line to give his DNA sample for the test.

  2. Maternal Lineage DNA Ancestry Test: Maternal Lineage DNA Ancestry Test uses the mtDNA passed on by the mother to male and female children. It means, both a son or a daughter can get a Maternal Lineage DNA ancestry test to trace back the maternal ancestors using the common DNA markers, thus tracing the haplogroup within a specific geographical area.

  3. DNA Starter Ancestry Test: This test reveals the information about the contribution of members outside of direct paternal and maternal lineages. This test supports and completes the ancestry data, left in the case of paternal and maternal lineages alone.

  4. GPS Origins Ancestry Test: GPS Origins Ancestry Test is the most advanced type of ancestry test. It can pinpoint the origin of your ancestors to specific cities, villages, etc. This test also provides important data about your forefathers' origin and their last three major migrations. GPS Origins Ancestry Test can trace back your DNA ancestry far beyond the regular ancestry tests.

DNA Forensics Laboratory for DNA Ancestry Test in India

DNA Forensics Laboratory (DFL) is one of the best Indian companies to provide accurate, reliable, and accredited DNA Ancestry Test in India at affordable prices.

With hundreds of collection centers across India, you can easily access an Ancestry test near you. Alternatively, you can order the DNA testing kit online and collect the sample yourself. You have to send your sample to DFL’s testing facility in the damage-proof envelope included in the kit.

DFL provides the results of the test within 4-5 working days; however, you can use the express services and opt for an early reporting* facility (same day).

* Terms & Conditions applied.


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