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Posted by harryjoy on March 29th, 2016

          “To be human is to be humble, and to be humble is to be divine.”

In religious context, the aforementioned quote states a recognition of oneself in relation to god, an acceptance of one’s defects, and a submission to divine grace as a member of a religious community or a fraternal organization. When relating the same to the freemasonry, this could mean a lot for the members of the group. Though people have their own individual beliefs and assumptions about freemasonry.

Freemasonry exists as a fraternal organization with an estimated count of six million worldwide members, generally known as Freemasons. Members are expected to be of high moral values and ethical understanding. They work together as a charitable group to help the poor, less fortunate and needy. They regularly participate in a progression of ceremonies to acquire self-knowledge. Ceremonies are conducted at regular intervals in local freemasonry organizational units (also known as lodges) to impart ethics, morality and mutual services to its members. Freemasonry programs are also intended to encourage the members of the group. Members are instructed by the performance of ceremonial degrees, which have their own symbolic values, meanings and teachings. Also, a series of ritual dramas are played in lodges to teach freemasonry principals, moral lessons and ethical approach to life. Freemasons are bond together with the same thread of spirituality, integrity, humanity, honesty and kindness.

Freemasonry teachings encourage the members to care for the less fortunate and the needy. Members are fraternally united without the distinction of race, class, religion or creed. So, becoming a Freemason is noble sentiment. If you have joined the group, you might be curious to know the meaning of symbols used in masonic rituals, emblems and a variety of items.

Freemasons use different types of symbols to represent the masonic fraternity and integrity. Some of the commonly used symbols include square, compass, beehive, level, plump and Volume of the Sacred Law. These symbols are largely used on different items, including books, posters, jewelry pieces, stickers, watches and gift items. Each masonic symbols has a secondary or higher religious or spiritual meaning ascribed to it. For example, square and compass are said to stand for principals of brotherhood, relief and truth. Likewise, other masonic symbols have their own face value. If you want to represent you association with the freemasonry, affordable masonic watches could be the items you can wear or present as valuable gifts. These watches are usually imprinted or engraved with most identifiable masonic symbols. These watches are available in multiple shapes, designs and color options to match every taste. With these watches, you can represent your association the worldwide community of Freemasons.

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