How to set up the best Wi-Fi by using the IP address

Posted by Jessica Parker on March 31st, 2016

Many individuals are eager to learn advanced elements and improve their skills day after day. For example, they try to set up the wireless internet on their own and configure other essential things required for using the Wi-Fi as efficiently as possible.  If you have decided to setup the Wi-Fi by using your wireless router with the IP address, then you have to do the following steps.

  • Open a browser on your computer
  • Type in the IP address in the address bar
  • Wait until the login prompt appears
  • Login by using the default username and password
  • Click OK
  • Click on Wireless and then basic wireless setup
  • Enter the best suitable wireless network name in the field of Wireless Network Name
  • Type in the new password
  • Click Apply 

Basic settings

Beginners and experts in the Wi-Fi configuration process have to be aware of how they can use the basic settings in a proper way. This is because basic settings deal with the security of the wireless network and wireless radio. The main elements in the basic settings are wireless radio, SSID and its state, broadcast and name, security, WPA type, encryption type and security key type. You have to gain knowledge of all these factors and their individual role in the Wi-Fi configuration. This is because you have to adjust these elements in the basic settings as per your requirements before your click on the Apply button.     

The router administrative interface

They have to take note of various elements when they use a Wi-Fi network for connecting the router and try to switch to the wired connection. For example, they have to know whether they have connected to the right network or not.  If they find any difficulty with the connectivity, then they have to fix this problem before they proceed further.

You may have a busy schedule and unable to remember both the username and password of a router. You can use the default username and password revealed by the manufacturer of your router online. You will get the most excellent support to access the administrative interface of your router and make essential changes without difficulty.  The IP address is common for the following brands of resources.

  • Routers from 3Com and Billion ADSL
  • Internet gateways from Netopia / Cayman
  • SRW2024 Managed switches from Linksys
  • Westell modems used for Bellsouth DSL Internet Service 

Once you have ensured and started using the IP address, you can get the best support for improving your home broadband network. You will get the most expected support and the highest possible benefits from the most efficient network administrative settings.  If you get any difficulty while configuring the Wi-Fi network by using the IP address or changing any element in the administrative section of this console, you can discuss with a specialist and make an informed decision.

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