Difference between Addiction Treatment & Rehabilitation Center

Posted by Trust care on September 6th, 2021

The Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in India and the Drug Rehabilitation Center in India mainly face several queries and questions related to whether they are addiction centers or rehabilitation centers and what are the initial differences between the two? Many-a-times the Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in India and the Drug Rehabilitation Center in India do get patients who mistake the institute to be an addiction center and want to change the course of action further. Thus, to put a full stop to this situation, the Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in India and the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in India have stated the differences quite clearly belows:


According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, addiction is a treatable chronic disease which can be managed successfully. This is an agency which mainly compares addiction to chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Thus to say ‘disease’ which can be ‘managed’ implies that it will not be to be overcome and can simply be brought under the pure control of some degree. Now, this is a change of emphasis from the word rehabilitation onto treatment only and as with the shift of various pharmaceutical handlings helping to manage the addiction, there are now drugs and alcohol uses to treat drug and alcoholics.


An addiction treatment is mainly defined as something which can be managed with a disease by any surgical, medicinal or by any other measures which accurately fits with the recent shift in terminology which is initiated by the government agencies. Managed and not eliminated, not finding the certain cause and remedy but an addiction treatment center mainly manages the solution.


Now, rehabilitation centers are mainly involved in getting the patient off the drugs or alcohol and then start by repairing the damage which is done by the drugs and addicted lifestyle. This basically includes the physical detoxification, replenishing of nutrients and getting the body back to it’s normal strength by helping the individual finding the relife from the guilt after the neglect or strength of any emotion from the breakdown of relationships, responsibilities, health or even a career. Rehabilitations also teach life skills allowing the individual to live a happy and a sober life in the mere future that is able to overcome any challenge or fear all along.


When people come to a rehabilitation they do not think themselves as an addict, they are also never told that they are powerless or their addictions to alcohol and drugs but the empower the patients to gain control over their thoughts and actions and live their lives to the fullest without the involvement of a daily struggle with drug or alcohol abuse. Also, when an individual wakes up in the morning without any alcohol or drugs in their body and they are able to finally feel the authentic emotions they do live there to the fullest enjoying every moment after the addictions. Thus, this is the ultimate goal of a rehabilitation center, making it different from an addiction treatment center.





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